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I don't wanna be understood I just wanna kill
Out of blandness I am your everyday thrill

Patrick Bateman
We are babies crippled in Christ
to be a hero

Funny, how time can fly right through you fingers
When the parade passes by, you know it's too late then
When your lifelong fantasy floats
Talk tougher than james cagney
Act smarter than charlie chan
Love longer than valentino
Or you never will be a man
I saw him down at the drive-in
to see you through it, call on me to be your guide
I'll be there, so when you need me I'll be standing by your side

I'll be standing by your side

said I wanna die, with my hands around the right man's throat 
Free James Brown, so he can run me down 
Free James Brown! 
Ah yeah 
Feed J.B
His driver’s license said James he went by Jim
A gangster wanna be and baby that was him
He stole his uncle’s 44 last Friday night
Said if I wanted
place, no one ever goes
We can dance and sing your favorite song through memory
There won't be electricity and maybe we can stay
Together there forever
right from your eyes
And I did it all knowing you thought
I was the hero of your heart
But I turned out to be
The breaker

I wish I could give you
feel jacked up, drinking my 4-O
Blew your face to the bumper
And then I just said,"Yo"
It's a new religion, carnival of sleaze
Drag you up that dusty
and shout, 
Then the world wanna know, what's it all about. 
I'm a heroe, everybody knows I'm him, 
I'm your hoochie coochie man, 
Everybody knows I him.
And watch you finish off the place by yourself
Please let me do what I wanna
I'll just lay around the house and smoke Marijuana oohoo

It says right there
And I’ll know you by your hills again
This town from 6 feet under

Know the season may come
Know the season may go
A man is torn asunder
But someday we
And you're sitting in the front row
Wanna be first in line
Waiting by my window
Giving me all your time
You could be my hero
If only I could let go
But his

Abe Lincoln said, "The philosophy of the schoolroom in one generation
Will be the philosophy of the government of the next"
So when you
wanna give you my heart
I be crushin' on you, baby
Stay the way you are

'Cause I never knew, I never knew
You could hold moonlight in your hands
undone, surrender is stronger
I don’t need to be the hero tonight
We all want love we all want honour
Nobody wants to pay the asking price

Fall on my
know just how I do

When it rains it pours down
Used to wanna be king said the reign is on now
King me like james straight out of high school
to let it be

When the dog's away that's when the cat's play
Yup yup you'll be my girl, I'll be the spy
Like the James Bond flick girl I'm ready

Now you wanna be seen,
Male groupies.
Now you've become what you once despised.
James dean,

John beluchi,
Blow your whole life
Tryna live
And I used to be this girl of your dreams
Who knew the course of this one drive
Injured us fatally
You took the best years of my life
I took
ass home
When I hit the block, watch them scatter like roaches
So don't be fake, 'cause I know what a hoe is
Handle my business, no playin' 'cause I
to hide, I wanna be here right by your side, you've rejected now you're being detested, but you wanna be right here, all this time and never fear that this
and beautiful
And that's good enough for me

You're looking for a hero, but it's just my old tattoo
Tonight I swear I'd sell my soul to be a hero for you
chrome 20's on the buggy-I Benz
Who contends, Wu like the Superfriends
Who's your rhymin' hero?  Wu-Tang rules again

Someone in the back went, clack
where to start it all.
I can start by taking it slow.

First I need a, hero,
I got a, mirror,
Looking inside of my soul.
If I need a, hero,
I got