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It's Gucci, Soulja, 
It's Gucci, Soulja Boy Tell Em'
It's Gucci
Burr burr

Pass by in my
we the best

And I'm down in Miami
Ridin' in the phantom
Somewhere by south beach
Soulja boy tell em
Got a million dollar mouth piece
On my dog
like soulja boy tell em and they parents they can't see it they blind they wonder why they kids talking bout soulja boy all the time(all the time) they
runs it
Nigga my heart beat slow & pump blood
Souljas been around wit before they had thugs
I'm gonna give it 2 ya raw I'm gon' tell it like it is
'm woke
Someone tell 'em that he's broke
Someone tell 'em that the boy done seen a mill at 24
In Australia for a show
You in Shoreditch doing coke
'em burn nigga
(All these niggas want be hot boys) We let 'em burn nigga

[Verse Four: Lil' Wayne]
Now I'm runnin with all these killas so all I know is
I'm seeing children being murdered by police and then acquitted on all charges
It's like they're all targets, pray for them
Pray for everybody

[Soulja Boy]
Soulja Boy Tell 'Em, This the remix
V.I.C. You already know what it is man
It's ya folk Soulja Boy Tell 'Em
Checkin' in everything
I'm-I'm-I'm connected everywhere (that's the homie)

Everywhere I go all of the people know my name
It's ya big homie Snoopy, just tell 'em you with me
with it, A? 
Whatcha gonna do? 
{Take em on back to the streets} 

Akon [Chorus]: 
I keep the 40 cal on my side 
Steppin with the mindstate
with it, A? 
Whatcha gonna do? 
{Take em on back to the streets} 

Akon [Chorus]: 
I keep the 40 cal on my side 
Steppin with the mindstate
with it, A? 
Whatcha gonna do? 
{Take em on back to the streets} 

Akon [Chorus]: 
I keep the 40 cal on my side 
Steppin with the mindstate
see me
Ask em and dre they tell you now I'm on some different shit
'cause I got a different tech and it got a different clip
Yea I got money now
through the way,
Stay the fuck up out my face

Watch me tell em like (Woo Hoo)
Hoping I don't crash, pray to god like (Woo Hoo)
Slow it down a little, take
take together, bust and dip 'em
I know my nigga D-Tay, yeah he gon' stick 'em (Wha, Wha?!)
Guerilla, under-aged killa like myself
Fearin' nothin', no
momma say:

The sins of the father are the sins of the son
Crawl before you walk boy, walk before you run
Come on stand up straight, I'm proud of you,
(feat. 816 Boys)

[Big Krizz Kaliko]
She told me to hit it and split it and get up off her
(Ease back) just a little softer
I'm the one that be
'cause the energy is the bomb
I can tell that you fascinated by the way we rhyme
And we flow like with the mo like
Mo strike
'm burning of sensi
Harder the battle the sweeter the victory
And I'm ready to write my own verse of history
You can't tell me I never told yah boy
steps dog
Trying to motivate
All of my strong single moms
Baby daddies in prison
The kids tell you they miss 'em
They keep sending you pictures
to the day that I'm deceased
Even then I pray I'm living through these beats
Dope boy, you can tell by my sneaks
Burning Amsterdam green where it falls like
backwards to the bone
He said let me tell you somethin', boy
If there's something I want

I'll grow my own
Yeah, all I need is G-O-D to bless the seeds
[Lil Boi]
This a niity beat (boing)

Here we go again
Ghettoville u.s.a (uh Oh)
You know I got by the name nitty right (uh huh)
Ay yo 50
What I tell you
We ain't even have to say shit
They did it

Monkey see monkey do
Don't ever

Hey boys and listen well and a story I will tell,
Send for the prisoners down below, down below!
Hey boys and wish 'em well and the fate that

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