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The moon and the sun 
Partners in light
Separating reflecting one light
Hearing this confusion wanes 
No need to ask for wealth 
Or one thing more now
I stole her from Emmett Fry, and now what's done is done.
Like any man I'm afraid to die, but I'm hurt too bad to run.
I ran with her to Walker's
He takes all his orders down one at a time
Don't need a pad he's got a photogenic mind
He don't like the young folks hanging around
He's quick
Saying, "No more alcohol."
I bet you're in a bar
'Cause I'm always your last call.

I don't need to check that message.
I know what it says.
"Baby, I still
Dear, John, please, Johnny
Please come home
I need your love and
The kids, they gotta be fed
And John, if you don't
Hurry back, I'll be gone
cried "My God
My partner has been killed"
I propped him by an ol' jack pine
And swore a solemn vow
"Lookout Henry Walker
It's you and me right now"
(Kim Williams/Clay Walker/Kent Blazey)
The wind was blowing through your hair
The moon was shing on your face
You looked like a picture sittin'
a briefcase
Who needs a wallet?
Be a pigeon nigga you sound retarded
I'm the girl with more cream than St. Patrick's Day
A house by the bay so what do you
junk in my trunk ain't made for chumps
When Lil' Kim's around you don't need to lie
It's the "Drugs" baby, I'm makin' ya HIGH!!

[Chorus: 50 Cent]
the shadows
Somebody whispers
Somebody lurks in the shadows
Yeah yeah yeah

Dream dressed in blue
It's all they need for now
And forever

Chased by
Lying? Blood was gushing on the floor
Fingerprints all on the door
Need I say more?
Pulled out the remote can and shot blows after blow
Ploom! Queen
doesn't mean a thing to me
Well it's late so I guess I'll be going
Too much smoke what I need is some air
By the way did she ask you about me
I just wonder
Written by dave walker.

Oh I slept in a derelict
And I ate off the floor
I was wrapped in a blanket
As a knock came on the door
You can get out
I don't think I fit into his indie world
Guided By Voices and Velocity Girl
Eric's Trip and Rocket Ship, Rancid and Rocket from The Crypt
Bikini Kill
no more, man
All right, little walker

Well, you know you get up in the morning, babe with your face all
All full of frowns
You know I ask you, "what's
of the consequences when you dealin with a plug thug
And I'm backed up by the Duke, we gon' take over the world
Whatchu know about Thug Luv?

Kim is yo' flow hot?
Just cause you ain't a millionaire don't mean you can't compete
You ain't gotta be filthy rich, but you can't be cheap
I like a man that can
The lights go out. Leaves on the ground.
Autumn walker, you just walked out.
And I see it now.
That it's so much easier alone,
And you don't have to worry
'm so tired of playing
 Stop, no more games

[Skin Deep]
I'm on my way out
So many things that you did wrong
You fooled, you lied, cheated
Now my
more money than we could count
We're all being sued by the IRS
And having more fun than the law allowed

Yeah, I'm talking loners and stoners
sued by the IRS
And having more fun than the law allowed

Yeah, I'm talking loners and stoners
And sing about to come back home
And most likely too
Whattup? I'm Shanice, don't remember me?

[Lil' Kim]
She called me by my government name, Kimberly
Who sent you?

[Lil' Shanice]
My mom sent me; her
Kim crying out like damn
Jan I thought you were my friend

Janet said, "You remember
You took my boyfriend back when we were ten"

Mike a real cool
I need you, got to have you
Yeah whatever

I was sitting at the bar
When this real horny guy came over
(Hi how are you doing? How are you?)
Street lights in this city are way, way too dull honey
The street walkers in town can't even 'nd their way
The more that you complain ,makes it