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One two, one two
You're listenin to the grand groovin sounds
Of the diabolical energetical B-I-Z
And this goes out to my DJ
Have me goin hand to hand, killin my own clan 
But now I understand and see the big picture 
Fuck cryin about the struggle, I teach you how to get
Love each other, our family, our sex and our food
These are words flowing on my pencil on this instrumental
Or maybe I should switch it up a bit adjust
got a girl by the time we leaving
You can bet some people getting fucked up this evening
I'm an *American Idol* staple a maple leaf to my chest
Puerto-Ricans, that's how we ride
Nocturnal foes mesmerized by the streetlights
One shot at glory, game will never give you three tries
For the haters I
of death, we can not save ourselves.
To breathe is not enough.

Yes sir, I Will.

When you woke this morning you looked so rocky-eyed,
Blue and white