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[m. van Dyk: l. van Dyk/Schooling]

As I lay dying I saw the eyes
The eyes of God. Thy kingdom come
A force so strong pulled me along
As I lay dying
eh, Marvin Gaye and things. Can't really sing like them, you know. I like them, though, love them.
John: What about it?
Alan: Paul, what about singing
Who's your favorite Cock?
I like it, oh Mikey
Who's your favorite Cock?
Luc Van-Luc Van-Luc-Luc Van Acker
Who's your favorite Cock?
Bill Reflin
You gotta walk that lonesome valley you gotta go there by yourself
There's no one here can go there with you you gotta go there by yourself
(Yeah, Sean Paul now)
Buss anotha bokkle a moe
(Remix, remix, remix)
Gal dem lookin' hype and I got to know

Yeah, yeah, check it, clap oonu hand oonu
and took me by the hand
She's gonna love me in my Chevy van
And that's alright with me

Yeah I put her out
In a town that was so small
You could throw
Ringo: It's good to be back.
Paul Yeah, it's great!
Rodney: Anybody over there like a request that you can do right now?
George: Well, we'll do
I am Trugoy
A Dove-like boy
Could wingspread
But instead
I will employ

Me be Plug Three
Or Baby Huey
I eat up
All ketchup
For its tendency
Here comes Victor Hugo
He follows me wherever I go
I'm walking Paris streets
Talking cobblestones
Feeling like I'm at home

And here comes Les
[m. van Dyk: l. Boyarsky]

There's a kid who sees the world
A selfish kid: a good kid: a good kid
By his own means he knew the price of life
By his
(Yeah, Sean Paul now)
Buss anotha bokkle a moe
(Remix, remix, remix)
Gal dem lookin' hype and I got to know

Yeah, yeah, check it, clap oonu hand oonu
And again it's one more try yuh know 
Ten time me cry and ah dry me eye 
Well yuh dun know ah pressure I've run through 
Check dis 
to end
A dirt road main street, she walked off in barefeet
It's a shame I won't be passin' through again

'Cause like a princess she was laying there
This guy says the horse can do
If he says the horse can do,
Can do,
Can do.
For Paul Revere I'll bite,
I hear his foot's all right.
Of course it
Road man driving in the road van 
He's got to beat the clock to the next town 
Road man driving in the road van 
I set up the sound system for
to end
A dirt-road Main Street
She walked off in her bare feet
It's a shame I won't be passin' through again

Like a picture she was layin' there
Holly 'cause it's Raining In My Heart

Now I know what Paul Simon meant by the words he found:
I wish I was Homeward Bound.
I feel like Buddy
drop your axe, it's Jazz police!

Jesus taken serious by the many
Jesus taken joyous by a few
Jazz police are paid by J. Paul Getty
Jazzers paid by
Yo Paul
It's Em
I got your call about the Michael Jackson thing
And I know he's not thrilled about the video
What, does he want to be startin'
passed me by.
Like Paul the visionary,
I see things in a different light.
For now I know what course to take.

Now at last I find a meaning in scenes
get 3rd coast customs got da van lookin like a slice of blueberry pie
And I luv vegetables in fact I'm wearin 70 karats aroun my neck
And 11 mo aroun my
with her again
I need another beer
It seems I drank the whole 12 ounces of the one I has right here
Stop the van Dan we need to piss
We need to it's our

I don't know.

But it's better than having everybody that doesn't know thinkin' you're hardcore.

I asked Paul and he said it wouldn't.
And give up the fight
'Cause trouble had been Paul's middle name
Ever since he'd been captured by God's blinding light
But just when his hope should be
But who gives a sh..

We are Degas, Gauguin, Van Gogh
We are painters not parasites
Which one of them will ever know
What it?s like to get high