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'll like my brother
Really you will...

Then she said,
I'm learning english
I can say "thank you"
I think I like you
Do you like my band-aid?
I hope you
Aynsley dunbar (drums)
Jim pons (bass, vocals, dialog)
Bob harris (keyboards, vocals)
Don preston (mini-moog)

Imagine me and you,
I do,

Damit look at me all this hurt you see it was caused by (you)
All the things baught they could never cause as much pain I took from (you)
Now you look
know, how much I've grown
Everyday I thank you father, more and more
For never turning your back on me, when things got cold
And that's why I wrote
Mark bolman

Oh, thank you frank
And don't misspell it,
That's not marc bolan
That's mark volman

Hiya friends
I wanna welcome each and everyone
The would be delighted to tell you how suave they where
At the drop of a hat

There was three of 'em:
One of them thought she was a beauty queen...
Man! Motherfuckers always be comin up to me, you know
Askin me how come I don't kick no rhymes for the struggle
Or no conscience, revolutionary raps
thought you was Kuniva)
What the hell is wrong with that dressing room
'Cause my shit is lookin' smaller than a decimal
See I know how to rap, see it's
tonight you're
A be entertained by; ike willis on guitar and vocals; tommy mars on keyboards and 'jeezus'. you're also going to be entertaining yourselves
to sing like the pros
Here, you'll learn all of the current, trendy, vocal techniques used by virtually all of today's chartbusters
I'm sure you
of the band?

Don't.. don't all speak at once.

We're not an HC band.


I mean people would say we are, but I don't think we're a H?
ya know
Chiney man, African,
Come together inna one

(Lead vocal)
Me say fe join hands & hearts

Say, Say every day they make another
the world is cruel
I think that they prefer it cruel
Thanks but no thanks, anyway
I know that you're all OK, but
My orders come from high above me
strangers I was so far from home
And I don't know how you found me
All I know is I owe you everything to you
Yes I do

And I thank you for my
Really thank you, thank you, baby
'Cause now I know the truth

I must admit you caught me by surprise
When you showed me your true colors, yeah
by your side

I thank God for you
(I thank God, I thank God)
For it's very nice to see
There's a man who understands how hard it is 
be late for soundcheck
Man I ain't goin' to soundcheck
But our mics are screwed up and his always sound best
You know what man I'ma say somethin
Hey yo
underwood (keyboards, alto saxophone)
Aynsley dunbar (drums)

I mean, really, really, I mean, you guys,
What can I say, you guys are my favorite band
Justice for money what can you say
We all know it's the American Way

Yes, I'm gonna shake myself loose
Back home across the sea
Where I know
Written by Dennis DeYoung
Lead vocals by Dennis DeYoung

Where am I going
How do I get there
What should I bring along
Are people kind there
Thanks for the money
Thanks for dancin' and singin' along
And everything you do
We just want you to know we care (we care)

Thanks for calling
thought you was Kuniva)
What the hell is wrong with that dressing room
'Cause my shit is lookin' smaller than a decimal
See I know how to rap, see it's
A lifetime to count the ways wouldn't be enough to say
I thought that you should know
How much you've helped me grow.

And I want to thank you.
Got say a lil somethin' to my fans (ah)

Since this is the end of the c.d.
I gotta say a lil thank you to all my fans and everybody that help.
to know that she's alive
She says I give her sweaty palms she almost had a heart attack
The truth is that I’m just as scared I don’t know how to act

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