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a laugh
(Up up all night)
I'm only thinking 'bout this girl I'm seeing
I hope she’ll wanna kiss me back

Katy Perry’s on replay
She's on replay
DJ got
darkskin complexion and she righteous
I take a dyke chick if she like dick
I kissed the dyke chick and I liked it
Fucking each and every Katy Perry for
hand on your neck pressing your face against the sheets it's insane
You been changed, cause I'm outta this world girl I got that Milky Way dick vein
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    Together You And I Lyrics
I can give it to ya baby,
If ya work it just right maybe you can get the gravy
Damn, Katy Perry was right
These Cali girls need to come to the South
We poppin' bottles like they pimples
We turn up, you turn down, understand my lingo?
This for all my girls that look like katy perry
Megan fox turn it
to the average guy
But when you got a girl at home you got to let it pass you by
So I try to play the sidelines
Watch what they pull, but on a bus full of women,