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away, and at last one day came a squaw with a story strange,
Of a long-deserted line of traps 'way back of the Bighorn range;
Of a little hut by
I had a friend named Bill Campbell
He used to rob, steal and gamble
And on the side he'd beg
So he mopped up

Well, I told ol' Billy shouldn't do it
Bitch motherfuckers trying to fake it trill
Sneak diss you just to make a bill, now the world won't take you serious
When I met you, you was painting
I had a friend named Bill Campbell
He used to rob, steal and gamble
And on the side he'd beg
So he mopped up

Well, I told ol' Billy shouldn't do it
I'm just driftwood
Drifting with the winds that blow across the sky
I can't always be here with you, babe
I'm just driftwood drifting by

leaned on the Lord, now He startin' to work with her

Whose side are you leanin' on?
I'm leanin' on the Lord's side
I lean, I lean, I lean, I lean
talks but nobody really cares, Lord

I can't save a dime, can't buy me one cent
I pay my bills, I can't pay my rent
The old lady's fussing
dealing with his mind
He just couldn't seem to make it anywhere on time"
But when the roll is called up yonder and heaven I know
You can bet the Possum is
hand, baby, set your feet just right
Catch a good hold with your hand, darling, set your feet just right
I'm gonna give you a good ride baby, ooh Lord
(Bill Anderson)
« © '72 Stallion Music »

Hello Mrs Johnson you self righteous woman
Sunday School teacher what brings you
said you don't owe me nothin'
And as far as I know Lord
I don't owe nothin' to you
I ain't askin' for a miricle Lord
Just a little bit of luck will
Just a little bit of luck will do 

And you know I ain't never prayed before 
But it always seemed to me 
If praying is the same as begging

I can live forever
When I go to heaven
Yes, I can talk with Jesus
I can see the Lord.

Now can't you just imagine
Living in His mansion
a telephone bill! 

So I just kept on rappin', my hands got clappin', havin' myself a ball, 
Eh, ah – you know, it slipped my mind it was at the same time I
no I'm lying
I just came from jail, ain't do no crying
They put me through hell, sharpened my iron
I did my push-ups and I roared with the lions
it was Bill who was sleeping with my man

Bill has been to my house a thousand times
He and my man would go camping and fishing
Oh I tell you it
Well, I've been spending all my money on weed n' pills
Tryin' to write a song that'll pay the bills
But it ain't came yet, so I guess I'll have
lord just keep her with me
I was down and out, remember that like yesterday
Made it out that struggle bracket, this year I'm blessed to say
Man this
smile, Lord don't she make me smile
She's never too far away or too tired to say "I want you"
She's always a lady, just like a lady should be
But when
mama gave me and read a while
I read a story 'bout a man who lived just like me
Then finally ate his pride and came runnin' home

And lord I
My baby makes me proud Lord don't he makes me proud
He never makes a scene by hanging onto me in a crowd
'Cause people like to talk Lord don't they
And we've been here for so many years,
Still it seems as if you're not there (are you there)
Every time I talk, you turn away (do you care),
well for you, you, you, you
(What about when you tried to do a side for that but you)
They tell me that my bill's past due, due, due, due
(Talk about
an actress
Just never got a part
Now she's a teenage mess
With a burned out Gucci heart

She cracked one day at Cartier
When things came to a head
With no one else
Lord I realised that I can't fight these battles by myself

I surrender
I surrender (oh I)
I surrender to you Lord
I surrender