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Vision lies the 3rd dimension
Now pay close attention
Keep you fist clenchin'
As I begin my assertion

Feel the tension
Of this name you never
And when I bust yo ass I'm gonna continue to rock
Get yo ass off the wall with your two left feet
It's real easy just follow the beat
Don't let that fine
Straight off tha streets of muthafuckin compton
It's the downest nigga I know
Eazy muthafuckin me
Bout to kick your ass in ninety-three

I creep
year olds
Actin 16
Know what I mean
You don't work, mean you don't eat
You need more than a ball
And some bomb ass beats
New kicks on your feet
the same old thing,
You bring me out like a beauty queen
I don't mind if you play your game
'Cause I know I'll make you scream my name
Scream my name, scream
Every time it's the same old thing,
You lead me out like a beauty queen.
I don't mind if you play your game.
Cus I know I'll make you scream my name
Know what I mean
You don't work, mean you don't eat
You need more than a ball
And some bomb ass beats
New kicks on your feet
Need your mind in
your chest seven days a week
And add a foot for good measure you'll be seven feet deep

It goes 10-9-8-7-6-5-4
3-2-murder 1 lyrics at your door
"Becky oh my fuckin' God it's Eminem"
"I swear to fuckin' God dude you fuckin' rock"
"Please Marshall please let me suck your cock"
And by now the rest
Escape outta your ducts every time you hear my name
you better duck fate, or catch a fuckin face full of duct tape
You get smacked like a trick that
G, felt my tomahawk
Apache, that's me, I'm getting rappers' ass
1 motherfucking 2 motherfucking 3

[Chorus: x4]

You could of been my
What ya got?

Quit my job, flipped off the boss, took my name off the payroll
Screw you, man
Picked up my cell, rang my baby's bell, said, "I'm three
at your ass, once again for the nine nickel and a couple of pennies
My words clearly, tom's in so you can hear me
You know the loco break the law but that
a motherfucker, it could stress a nigga balls
Especially when you broke and home base ain't accepting your calls
And you don't hear your name when it's mail time
gather round to hear my golden voice
'Cause when it's time to rhyme you know I get noice

Cruising like a fan boat on the glade
He'll tweak ass your
'm screaming on these records that I'm rich
Calling people from my number now I block it 
Cause there's nothing worse then getting haunted by a stalkin' ass
a one hear name
One mil, two mil, three mil, four
Did my last tour and make three mil more
Beenie Man shopping in designer stores
House on the hill
to the beat
Phat beats in my head, tennis shoes on my feet
Nigga tried to flex but he had to be smoked
So I shot him in the ass on the downstroke

Shot him
To a motherfuckin' that especially
Don't hear me
But I can keep a smile on my drugs
And you cheap ass thugs
You hoes don't feel me

(Crunchy Blac)
Watcha got down in
Hell wit history you don't even
Know my name
I ain't the same damn thing
That y'all used to playin
I'm non stop rocket
Headin to your brain
Now that's
(The real hood, like three pair of pants)
My friends, I'll say it clear (pair of sneakers)
(My moms is busting her ass) State my case
(Nigga I
Walkin down the street with my, glock in my hand
No safety, you know it and our guns don't jam
Keep one in the hand and no need for cockin
nobody get hurt
Don't make me put your face on a motherfuckin shirt
I'm from the 3rd Ward, where we all crack skulls
And we don't give a fuck cause we
I get back on my feet, honey heh heh yeah

'Cause I'm
Your daddy says I'm
Your momma says I'm
And my old lady says I
and leave ya dead with your dick on hard

[ uncredited guest rapper number three ]
Malibu beaches and everyday sunshine
Bullshit - my city's full of one