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national anthem

Verse Three: Sir Mix-a-Lot

Am I a communist? No. But my brain ain't slow
Not long ago, Mix-a-Lot was po'
Never helped out by the ones
[Verse 1 - Sir Mix-A-Lot]
1977 was a no cocaine in my hood-ject
The brothers was stuck on Chuck without a mind set
I got tired of watchin "Good
"Mix-A-Lot" - 4X
I'll Roll You Up
Yeah, how many players we got in the house?
(*yelling in background*)
How many Playboys we got in the house?

[Sir Mix-A-Lot
can you be a hustler?
Not if you is an undercover busta

[Verse 1: Sir Mix-a-Lot]
What about this motherfucking aintsta
Wannabe gangsta
Sittin' in
Yes sir
Yes sir
Yes sir
Yes sir

I got new shoes on the ride (yes sir)
Rollin' down 95 (yes sir)
And you can see in my eyes (yes sir)
That I
wife because of it
But I got this life because of it
Told ya, game don't never get old

[Sir Mix-A-Lot - talking]
Yeah don't grab the game bull by
got childhood scars in the streets of my life
Girls laughed, now they beggin' to be Mix-A-Lot's wife
The new breed is here, vigilante's of rap
Got eyes
the motherfuckin heart
 [Attitude] So if you ain't down witcha hometown, STEP OFF PUNK
 [Attitude] Mix, tell these fakes what the deal is

[Verse One: Sir Mix-A-Lot
the weather like in Seattle?

[ Sir Mix-A-Lot ]
All my ex's, eat this one

(You can have her)

[ VERSE 1 ]
I used to have this girl, let's say her name was Mona
seven-nine three one one)
With beepers
(Enter telephone number or numeric message
Press the pound key now)

[Sir Mix-A-Lot]
Pagers, call 'em what you
the Crowbar with some common sense
You can stay hella bent, I be at the water stackin presidents


[ VERSE 2: Sir Mix-A-Lot ]
One of these
Hear what I say Mix-A-Lot, say sound like Grand Ole Opry cotton picker
Now before we end this filthy cut, we got a few things we have to say
got two
Stop by and have a good time its popping’ at snoops
Got a whole lot of this and I mix it with that
Me and timberland remember we bringin’ it
[Intro - Sir Mix-A-Lot (Female voice)]
(Peek a boo)
This is the true story about a young lady I know
(Peek a boo)
A walkin' zombie, product
Alright sir, I'm moving on, I appreciate it.

They were having sex.

[Adam Sandler]:
Alright that's in your head. Bye bye. Well we learned a lot
Five mil a year, that's Gucci
Smoke a blunt, pop a pill
Snort a line, who cares
Get the popcorn out, it's a movie
Sir Mix-a-Lot, serve bricks a lot
Get busy!

Sir Mix-A-Lot bread the ultimate freak
So cute in a suit, my beats can see
Intelligent freak, wardrobe complete
You can fold my robe,
get that hot
Then start to Sir Mix-A-Lot

[E-40] White girl (x4)

(?White girl" continues to repeat x12 in background)
I got that, whiiiiiiiiiite girl
a lot of wanksta's got, got in the(ghetto)
got shot in the(ghetto)-but not popped in they metal
I use to hang out with the ol' G's and peep game
they use
got a new recruit to this land of hope and glory
Hands behind backs and legs apart and tell us all of your unfortunate story
Who me, sir?
Yes, you sir
and play rubix cube
Seventeen years later I'm as rude as you
Schemein on the first chick with the hugest boobs
I got no game and every face looks the same
glue through a tube and play Rubix cube
Seventeen years later I'm as rude as Jude
Schemin' on the first chick with the hugest boobs
I got no game
glue through a tube and play Rubix cube
Seventeen years later I'm as rude as Jude
Schemin' on the first chick with the hugest boobs
I got no game
friendly game of base ball) 
Crowd stood around I said goddamn ya 
Who got the camera 

Oh please, oh please, oh please, just gimme just one more hit

I smoke plenty grass boy
I'm touching on the ass boy
Go ahead and Sir Mix-A-Lot put it on the glass boy
I'm from the South boy

That's how