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"She gave me the number?  Hmmm I'm surprised"
Good conversation, over the phone
He began to come for me whenever I was alone
George was sweet, so nice
Words & Music by
Ed Bruce, Glenn Ray & Judith Bruce

I'd sure like to help you, but I've heard it all before
I'm sorry I can't tell you why she'd
woman staggered through the door and woke me up at two
She handed me her ID card and by George it was you
At baseball game you drink the beer and then
Or leave her trout bleeding out on Condoleezza's couch
I'll seek this route without regrets, and drink a brew then think of you
Cause if it's the last
really do it, though,
Everybody here is feelin' right on!" (so I'll)
Drink a little, take a break, a break I didn't really need,
But after that I know I

He believed the commercials that said drink beer, get laid
but at closin' time he was alone, he didn't get paid.
Last night his lover was
and I'll do the hop
Cough up a lougie shake break and boogie
Cause I got a home girl that's giving out nougies
Mr George Bush was on my floor