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To a place called Wounded Knee
And they found themselves surrounded
By the 7th Cavalry

Big chief Big Foot
Rise up from your bed
Minneconjou babies
(Crowd cheering)

[Mr. Majesty]
This is Mr. Majesty representin' on behalf of the 7th Sign Regime (Laughs)
(Yea, yea, yea, 7th Sign Regime
a lover
But I didn't know the rules
I made six wrong turns and nearly died
But the 7th time you know I made it through

I went looking for the answers
can't overcome
Still she looks for the one that could save her

Now she's workin' it out in the corner of town
Between 7th and south you will find her
often search for profit but I ain't killed nobody stop it put
It on petro 7th sign voted for deathrow and the death note read
E baby debbie tell me did
I saw them standing in the rain

Out on 7th Avenue

He held her tight, like she might fall

If he let go

He helped her in, he shut the door

was a down low beauty, see I like 'em like that
She kept it on the low, but high enough to see
She made me feel special, like she did it all for me
humbly united
My family never divided
Desperado, Thug Line, Mo Thug, Millennium, 7th Sign
For the F-B-I you want to come test my Enterprise
Bitch you
Past wreckin mics, I make the Earth shatter like the 7th sign
My drama bring about a new aura
I'm sending a plague through your town like God did
when I was young though
This thing I won't keep running from so:
I got molested by my 7th grade teacher, Mrs.

That ain't right

I tell 'em (I
Remines twist shit blaze it up and spit this real shit
For the homies that R.I.P.
Don't trip on crip we keep ya'll alive
Meech dogg bigg Ernest, Fred
mixed jazz blues and pops
And the salsa fusion, he's lady's shoe producin'
Plus he teamed with rob Thomas for a music revolution
On the 7th day, it was
to leave quickly
Youngest Bone nigga, 7th Sign mastermind, y'all get wit me


We steppin' inside the party, Mardi Gradi
Now give me a shot
In 7th Grade, we promised that we'd never break each other's heart
Fought with the pressure of deep depression while naked making confessions
the earth since the beginning of time,
And won't leave till I've received that 7th sign
All this talk their gonna drop the bomb,

But life keeps going
come as predicted 

Holdin the raw seal, all heads kneel 

7th Degree black mic skill is ill, listen to the guns holler 

Swallow the shell, East
To play
There'll be rims around your eyelids by the 7th or the
But if you go to sleep tonight you will be older when
You wake
And you say one man
millimeter, it don't cover me, I'm caught up in this motherfuckin' fuckery/ 7th Sign, nigga 

-H.I.T.L.A.H. Capo-Confuscious-Chorus- 
Only God is us, homie
1: Vex ]
I got Armageddon weaponry like the 7th Seal
Jahwe send me soundwaves (sshaa-sshaaa) that you feel
Hail and fire, a burning mountain, it's
It was the 7th sign regime
Wid the nines and beams the philly and green
Wid a clik tight team and a nigga like me
Ya couldn't go wrong wid we
Sometimes I feel like I'm a god but I'm not a god
If I was I don't know which heaven would have me momma
Let me run this bitch
I'ma run it into the ground
make the devil sick, I sharpen my blade
I'm frontin' to this perv like I'm only in the 7th grade
The doorbell rings I gotta get 'em inside
In my best
(?) with my killas these niggas gone hear us and fear us (they gon' feel us)
With 7th sign and mo! thug all my niggas get love then I gon' ride my nigga
they pussy desert
You can catch me in the back of a Cad'
Gat in the bag, black doo-rag
Me and 7th and Baghdad
Drinkin' our drinks, faces like Sphinx
I calmed down and they got things straight
I saw half my car at 7th street the other half at 8th
I wanted to just jump in the ocean
My car