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present and future exists now as one
Chronicles of life tantalize my hatred to view

Knowledge is the key to your growth
But inside the lock the truth
humble themselves and pray,
And seek My face and turn from their wicked ways,
Then will I hear and I’ll forgive their sin.

II Chronicles 7:14
Always knowing, never falling
My salvation, making me
Wretched man, that I am
Chronicle thought diseases
My priestly robes must be clean
Bismillah ir Rhman ir Raheem
Def on the speak
Epic on the beat

[Verse 1]
Champion chronicle, M Def remarkable
A breeze through the street
does not.
Ladies and Gentlemen I give you "The Papercut Chronicles"
for these sins we plea.
(Job 10:8-12, 31:15, Proverbs 17:6, 31:8, Psalms 127:3-5, 139:3-16 Jeremiah 1:5, 2 Chronicles 7:14)
Wax on, wax off like Mr. Miagi,
Go to the liquor store so I can get blunts, get Yak,
So I can sip some while I split one,
Chronicle enter ever
split one,
Chronicle enter ever pholical of my body,
Calmin' down every molecule, makin' sure I don't trip none,
Hit one...
Hop in tha' ride, come
Recognize root of the worship, search and hold it
Who put the fun in dysfunctional? I..
Chronicle sun combustible, donkey-punching pinholes

I don't want speak a word without your anointing (1 John 2:20)
I don't want to take a step without you in front (2 Chronicles 20:17)
I don't
Looking for signs that's astrological
And I don't dream big, my dreams are astronomical
So when critics write articles of my chronicles
I wonder if my
to darkness
The burden I never lost
Nocturnal heartless
I've never seen the day

Like farther like sun
I inherit the chronicle
The witches of underworlds
dying, I heard the king was dead
And with him died the chronicles that no one ever read
The closet's fully empty now, it's occupied by none
I'll draw
The Star-Maps of the Ancient Cosmographers
The Cursed Books of the Z'xulth, the Praxeum Codex
The Chthonic Chronicles

I now know that there is
dreams too
People who I thought were down, and see true
But I blame me too 'cause it's a  Chronicle 
My life, I realize I'm responsible for obstacles
chronicles of detruncation
Your innards disposed

So calculated, your date has expired
Exfoliated, why don't you stew in my brew?
Churned innards
is Hiroshima
Take a sip of wine or two, it's my sub-race combinin you
When Earth is my surface, oceans deeper than chronicles
I got a wand for you,
And 2Pac did before the plagerist came
Sword swing around, we not horsing
I'ma do mine, you do your thing
Hieroglyphics is monolithic
lost during the great fire of 1666. The Chthonic Chronicles! I cannot disclose here the precise and rather unsavoury means by which I acquired this
'cause I been through the drama

Wu-Chronicles, and I continue the saga

Chart topper, rhyme tough as body armor
When I speak, I hold the globe like
you of the rise and fall of glorious Atlantis? Know you the blasphemies contained within the Chthonic Chronicles? 
THE ASPIRANT: I know all this,
over the hump camels waiting
Never gave up, most of my peers forsaken
One make it, we all make it but I delivered that patient
King chronicles, never
In the tragic play
A marionette of the clock
Pages filled with a chronicle in blood

Scents and sights,come back to me
My life in memories,
of the end of the century
Announce the chronicle of an empire
Kaleidoscopic cataclism diary
Year 0, hypocondrium monarchy
Rebellion misanthropy 2060
Once again

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