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talking all that drug shit"
It was predicted by a medic
I'd grow to be an addicted diabetic, living off liquid Triaminic
Pathetic, but I don't think this
a billin', top
I never stop, with Serch and Sam drillin' it
Soul in the hole, MC's workin'
Kickin' it, vickin', the suckers who be jerkin
Me and my posse
bilingual lingo
Liked by Hispanics, blacks and all you gringos
Yo lo mezclo, I mix it, ??? and fix it
Serve it up right so that you want to kick it

[Y. Hova] 
I brought (holla) the whole hood with me

[Big Boi] 
You got red dirt in your afro

[Y. Hova] 
Young Hov' in the place to be
the tick off a timepiece
Foamin' at the mouth punk, you need a leash
What are you sick? I'm a slick stupid scientist
Rhymin' that you can't comprehend