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the wilderness and You put a rod in his hand
You used him to lead Your people over to the Promised Land
Lord, I'm willing to trust in You so take my life Lord
my blame 
And you run to meet me 
When I cry out your name 
So I fall before you 
In all of my shame 
Lord I am willing to be changed 

Own me
With no one else
Lord I realised that I can't fight these battles by myself

I surrender
I surrender (oh I)
I surrender to you Lord
I surrender
Who are deeply grieved at your death
They've prayed I return you to your earthly life
And because of their faithfulness to Me
I am willing
I am in Your hands
Under Your command
Like a puppet on a string
[Lord you know]
I am willing to
Put my faith in You
So before the world I sing
You praises
And give honor to Your name

I pray that You forgive me for the times I
Couldn't take at Your word, word, Lord
I am willing to give my
I wanna know your ways
By: Fred Hammond

(Verse 1)
Here I stand before you
Your glory is here
And it fills this place
And I am willing to
Do what I

The Lord said, "I am hungry, but that would be a sin
"Cause it ain't by bread man's gonna be fed
"But by the Word God's given him."

subject. ????? 20090 ask for Ozzie
Have you seen me? My name is Dink, I am a red male brindle Boston Bull, my face is white and I have one blue and one brown
your spine
What's the fuckin deal, what's the fuckin deal
You will be consumed by your own fire, motherfucker

{more Antz samples}
I know you will all do
'Cause I can't find, better days
But still, I give the Lord praise
Even though, though, these pirates request my blood

But I am just a, just a man, tryin'
thinking immorally
If I wasn’t myself could I say I gave the fans All of Me?
Can’t decide if I’m more ashamed of what they saw of me
Than I am of ignoring
Life handed me lemons
I jump back in the public eye and squirted lemon juice in it
By now you just wish I'd fucking die but I electrify
The finesse of the West, the masterpiece of the East
Hah, the boss of course
As the lord of our fort
The ones with the platinum vocal chords

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