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With the healing melody of an invisible choir
And I knew I had entered the domain of the living God

My eyes beheld a vast concourse of souls
I fall, could the choir catch me
I flew away, on a mountain, got tempted by Satan
Got bitten by a cobra, but the Lord took my venom
So who's side
Don I am in the ghetto, we know the power of the guns
We are the scars of violence
Son, turn in your guns
Think my shit is too real for them

I am the first son of Betsy and Edward Mensa
Made love and made a legend, Woodlawn and 47th
Gunshots outside my window, drug deals
is full of contradictions
I'm tryna become a better man
Prayin for redemption, each and every day

(Hallelujah, as the choir sings)

[Chorus Two: sung
it right, I'm asking you to forgive me
And I may have done the things, that they said I did
But I'm not, who they say I am; I am who you made me