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Every Friday night he'd pick a Jesus fight
Down at the local pool hall
Racking up souls condemning all those
Caught behind the eight ball
He said I
Extra, extra
Read all about it
Extra, extra
We heard the good news

We've come this far by faith
Pick up your pace and don't you be late
Ain't nothing like grandma's hands 

Let me tell you this

Grandma's hands Used to hand me piece of candy 
Grandma's hands Picked me up each time I
the most high
But I am a close high
Mi casa es su casa
That's our costra nostra
I am a God
I am a God
I am a God

Ain't no way I'm giving up on my
buried Malcolm X
Mama tell me am I wrong, is God just another cop
Waiting to beat my ass if I don't go pop?
Memories of a past time, giving up cash
remain the focus
of your thoughts.
And Jesus you ain’t stopping No!

So here I stand unbroken.
Here with an open heart.
And in Your hands I give You
You think bein' meek is weak, huh?
You try bein' meek for a week. Ain't that right, ya?

I go by K to the second letter
But my name is a second
my religion is the beat
My verse is like church, my Jesus piece
Now please, domino, domino
Only spot a few blacks the higher I go
What’s up
But all I see is a handkerchief
Nigga there's no one out the click that freezes
Believe that, 'cause I ain't scared a shit but Jesus
Look dog, I don't
pistol was used
See I was waking up afraid to see my name on the news
Broad day, bare faced, giving niggas the blues
Nigga who you? They know me
Venom is spraying which is why all I know is
I'm on a all time ultimate high inspired by all time low

How quick are you gonna get up
How quick
time, giving up cash
To the leaders, knowing damn well, it ain't gonna feed us
In my brain how can you explain, time in D.C.
It's hard enough to live

Awakened from my slumber by the thunder, lightning clapping
Raining on my window pane and praying I make something happen
A preacher's
and struck me
My life changed, and then suddenly
I met The Lord, and it wasn't even a Sunday
Maybe, one day, someday, you'll give ya' life up to Jesus
with the abuse, they wasn't for show, I promise every pistol was used
See I was waking up afraid to see my name on the news
Broad day, been phased giving
passing me by
So I'm out of my head, my hands, emotionally tired
If they die another day put my hands together and pray
There ain't no giving nothing I
Just copped a maroon 5, no Adam Levine
Came a man by myself, only father was time
I know that she relate baby daddy ain't shit
So she raised that
Is that sunshine? Is that one time?
Let that sun shine through my living room
Hospitality is what I'm giving you
Harsh reality is what I've been
and roll this up
If you think I'm speaking too bold, what's up
I ain't even on no ho shit; plus the mob is so thick
I'm the type of nigga you should want
Wake up!! And let's get it
I ain't even in the ring
They throwing bows like Riddick
Persistently attacking me
They're even in the back of me
is my blaster
So grasp some Shasta the mighty mic master
Giving ya communion with your lips on my cup
Pump pump pump pump me up
Now if you're
know times will get hard
I'll pick up your life just abide by the lord
Or ride by the lord

Abide by the lord
Abide by the lord

You bout to get it from
us medicine which is poison
Doctors injecting our infants with the poison
Religion misoverstood is poison

Niggas up in my hood be getting shot giving
I had a dream last night I was cast into Hell by a jealous God
The Devil walked up and said, "You don't need no lightning rod
It hardly ever rains
bottles, gold bottles, never sober up
Ditch Jesus, In gold I Trust
I solemnly swear to wear my cross and stunt
Separate myself by sticking out just because