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Please allow me to introduce myself
I'm the lie you use
Surrounded by snakes and talking sharks
Be mindful the words you choose

Their eyes
by your god

Who is humane
Real alive no god

I see your blindness
Erase your identity
Your mind is hollow
Carved to inability
I know to be
Death will end the weakness 
I am a violent tendency sparked by the words of the world 
An isolated integrity employing wisdom learned through

Through the ether & the mists of the mind. 
You will come to me, to lay by me

More heat needed melt your face white devils on the wire
More heat needed by your grace
Where there´s smoke there´s fire

I made it
Now spark the flame and let me burn

I am the devil's answer
I am humanity's cancer
I am the devil's answer
Burn me for eternity

Let me burn
Let me
Cast from his fire he molests the purest light

Profaner to humanity menaced by flesh and bone
Screams of the unknown youth to him the sweetest
and the humanity boggy.
Blood flow through the streets.
Mandkind means sickness!
By the order of the devil they march and destroy [x2]
And the mind remains
Causes havoc for the devil

The destroyer beholds
The destroyer beholds
Your faith infested by the flesh
Backslidden in your heart you have no time
of humanity
Violent ways of insanity, there is no end to this cruelty

In my grasp, I'll kill you fast, I'll send your soul to hell
Butchery of Human beings
Nothing is over, you just can't turn it off
Nothing is over, you just can't make me stop
I've faced the ugly truth motivated by negative disdain
From mating with the Devil
On the torch-lit Brocken

Baphometic by design

A penchant vent for vengeance
Cut deep by horrors fought
The fire's burning bloody red
The tide is turning but we don't regret
The devil's demons 're coming in our lives
All evil dreams, we make 'em here
Everyday struggle for freedom and for peace Will smash humanity for it's unreal habits
With every battle there comes death A world torn between
Guilty the fate that is mine.
You say I'm a Devil 
Then by Hell the Devil I'll be.'

'As aeons passed without cessation 
Brewing hatred from
The eagle, who's power will rise
Is a devil in disguise
A mean killing machine
Lost in a Caesar's dream

Power, be his passion
Till death do them apart
Internal pressure growing, behind your eyes is mounting still.
Constant thoughts of evil are coming to a head inside you.
Humanity decreasing,
It's about the art
It's about the alright.. alright listen

First rule of Art Club, there is no Art Club
Second rule of Art Club, there is no Art
this feeling
That I can't wait up, 'cause time is ticking
(Bombs away) Bombs away 

As the mask of deception falls off the face of humanity
Mythological characters, men and women is parody
Superficial vanity, borderline insanity
Out of order humanity, crime committed so passively
the devil if u believe that
Nigga u is dumb as ever
Young and dumb or even old and stupid
I put my faith in God
Never try I just do it
Niggas get down
when they locked that man up
Wrong! It's just the beginning, the first inning
Battle for America's soul, the devil's winning
The President is Bush,
You say your mind frame is twisted and shit
That your faith in humanity's ground floor
I'm always one that say think on your own
Free is the flower
Yeah, This is Ice-T 
You've just been listening to the Seventh Deadly Sin 
To me the Seventh Deadly Sin is hardcore rap
And I'm very proud to have
now gone is hard to replace
She has no shame, no remorse or any grace
She embraces the devil and she hates over race
Ms. America, the beautiful