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Humanistic (Abandoned Pools)

Humanistic lies lament 
The holocaust is imminent 
Doomsday prophets in the news 
Predicting who will light the fuse 
The fate of His creation isn't
of the past and in fear of the future
From a humanistic religious etiquette: perfection
Your soul is free, but your mind isn't.
I lay it down
Put my humanistic crown
On the shelf

I think I've changed my mind
I'd rather seek than find
The sorrow from you
I won't regret
to a possible apocalyptic end
With hope of emergence of humanistic
Inner beauty
I prepare for the assured destiny of culture
A masterpiece without a frame
She runs free, Miss Argentina
But Venus is a dangerous game

She saves my spirit with a humanistic light
She's greedy, lazy
the fucking government
Animals tortured for your clothing
Sick disease, meat
Fucking disgusting
Crude rude, humanistic greed
"Do you love satan and all of his
Do you think you're the only one who hates?
The only one bound to humanistic restraints?
Well my belief doesn't make me a saint.

Through these
temperamental, horizontal, disassemble, instrumental, polyester family
Divided, Aramaic, humanistic, esoteric, super-fragile, undermining, comprehension, sanity
recognize thee satan and I spit in thine face
Whatever happened to the human race?
What happened to the humanistic faith?
What happens to human waste?