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I climb up the space between

I'm bitter like olives
That's why you like them and I don't
I spend eighty dollars
Red-mouthed hulking
cannot be won
When facing this beast
Surrender your life to the execution tank

It's like a terrifying storm
With it's bloody hulking form
cabins in the sky where no man hears the sound
Of death on earth from his own bombs, six pilots were shot down
Next day six hulking bandaged men were
at 'em with no regrets and I'm hulking
I'm rippin' out of my clothing
I had to go see the doc like Kool Moe Dee (yeah)
Never took much to convince Dre
The shadows of your long dead brothers
And all the mutilated others
Who died in waves, uniform
To appease your bloodied hulking form
Who broke
a mockery of my face

And delivered us a surprise
The hulking mass of what we despised
We lurched away as we moved to snuff it
And we delivered
Taking charge by force chills
Down to the bone
Visibly futile and strangely pitiful
Transfer of the hulking yoke and
Grievances unclosed
Babyraper, sperm creator
Hulking, brutish masturbator
Babyraper, emasculator
Fleshy flap valve navigator
Never leave me,
Melted cum
In the hulking halls of hatred where the Master makes his throne
Within the "ass"-teroid belt where his body floats
alone his mind begins to wander
and steel and gold
Engines hulking, large and bold
My flight from this lonely world

Where will I go
I don't know
A home in the sky, a battle in
Haters hope I miss like the 25th of December 
I'mma stay focused then I'mma snap like I'm a camera 
Shots taken got me hulking out like too much gamma
and also race
Toxic blood and cloak of sin
Hulking massive beast of burden

And I rot away
Every night and day
Trapped in a prison of gore
My true self dies
Floating above you, I think I might

Twenty three and your knee is gonna blow
It's so weird to be on the
Outside, hulking out, seething in the yard
and this is how it's going to be, the point of it all, 'cause this is what was meant for me, recklessly i fall.

hulking, smashing, i come
dominance with every stride.

Oh don't you cry for the mom and pops,
Nothing but dry eyes for integrity's demise.
Hulking machines grind as whistles blow,
This seems too big for me
Hulking monstrosity
Too late to get out now
And like the speed of sound
This thing has brought me down
I don't

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