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I want my diamonds on everything
They dancing on beat
On my Patek Philippe
None of these h**s I can’t entertain
Rip my heart of my sleeve
Then I f**k
I got I got h**s/ h*** h**s yea
I inhale the smoke/ inhale the smoke yea
I was driving on the road/ on the road yea
Just tryna make it home/ make it
Away we go
I know
You say you getting money
I got dough
You say you got h**s
I got mo
You say you
Getting rich
O I know
O I know
I know
B4rd4 b4rm3n b4n4 kÖtÜ d4vr4nd1
B3n d3 0n4 5 l1r4 b4hŞ1Ş b1r4kt1m
race right now let's go
Oh woah
I did done seen many h**'s
I did done to much s**t done popped on my own
Got knocked 2 times but I came back home
Early in the morning yeah we working
Grooving on you h**s i be swervin
Getting to the money yeah its nothing to it
Posted top floor this the best
My pastor told me HS you be the next to blow, Grenade! 
All the chicks wey dey come my way, we laid! 
Boys tumi hwe manim kayere me s3 HS I want to be
my virginity until half way through my senior year of HS
I still remember my homie Nate was like yo, bruh its something different about you

Fall 09
you check my phone you think you right but girl you wrong (girl you wrong)
I think I was loving h**s I’m on a roll
B*****s made me so heartless
down to earth
I am down to swerve "Skrrrt"
I just go berserk
My stars and stripes I earned "Facts"
Other h**s I had to curve
Maryjane was burned
I kept
dope out the bowl
I was 11 years old
I had a bunch sacks in my Nike coat
I'm bout to hit the school store
On all of these h**s I'm a bucka row
What you
f*** the DA and POs
F*** the family of the victim
Witness that snitchin' a*** h**s, n****

I don't know
What this world's gonna bring
But I know
I aint finna laugh I ain't a joker
Betta tuck yo b***h
Cuz if not I'm finna poker her
I been playing these h**s
Now run it up just like
can't do wrong 
Ain't no texts please 
Can somebody call my phone 
Watching jerry springer 
These n***as fighting over h**s 

I go in my brother room 
Cuz now its pouring with success
In endless amounts 

H.S, H.S
I'm truly a walking, talking black Miracle 
With a pocket full of marigolds 

the holder try jugg then we go find his next of kin 
Tell the spammer don't waste my time I only need Hs bins 
I only ever use that bitch for calls and now she
Cross him like rondo (Yeah)
I got all the h**s
Everywhere I go (Yeah)
I keep a hundred toes
Benjamin’s Benjamin’s Benjamin’s (Aye)
time ago
I'm missing my ni**as I scream rip
I could have done better when I was teen
With h**s man I wonder was it really me
But maybe I shouldn't
beat, I made it go crazy
3 Hours in, she lookin mad crazy
"Do you have h**s?" I said maybe
Workin all day, I wanna get lazy
Gun to ya head got you looking
fall in love
Not enough swear you not the one Off the lean hoe yeah we off the drugs
Back in hs yeah I knew the plug
Get you anything you want bitch I
Two Hs, man

I was born a leader, but you know I follow God
I do it for the family, you know that be my squad
Nothin' gonna stop me, push
got more trust issues than h**s I smashed and curved

I still can't sleep better though, I'm always in my dome
Pacing back and forth, popping zopiclone
poppin yo h**s I know that you hated
For not having patience
Im knocking on doors loading this 4 now you n****s patients
Yo b***h bow in my presence
I told
Two Hs

Yeah, I turn up and I speak Paul Pierece
Giving you AI, can I get some ears?
Someone bring my mom here, show her that her son nice
I don't

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