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How loud will be the voice
Of this sincerely yours, violently yours
Without you I am mute
Without you, raped and nude,
No one can touch me like I do
Goes blank on the screen
A piece of the scan
Gets filled in by hand

You know that it was
And now it is not
So you just make do with
You know that it was
And now it is not
So you just make do with
Whatever you've got

Men in a war
If they've lost a limb
Still feel that limb
Well how do you do private William Mcbride
Do you mind if I sit here down by your graveside?
I'll rest for awhile in the warm summer sun
I've been
Imagine how you gonna feel
Is it a dream or is it real
Your blood is runnig through your vains
Just one thought going through your brain
Right making
"Where's sunstroke house?
"Where's a crow on the far fence, where's a mill by the pond?"

Pale with horror, I saw you when your bird flew,
Now who in
and arrow
Just like you, stupid!
And knowin everything I rap about is true
But the cold part about it is
I got half this shit from you
Now how in the hell
Your desperation
Your inspiration

When you finally became a mute,
While a sad song plays,
You lie helpless and lost,
Infected by the truth
and when you feel the real deal,
giving you nothing but sex-appeal.
You steal my mind, I love the way you do me,
break it down to the sound of 'Brother
[Willie D]
Geto Boys
We gonna set this shit straight, belive that
Don't you wish sometimes you can be free
Free from incarceration
play wit me and you know I will cum down there so fuckin play wit me like you don't know how we used to act do in '97 '98 '99

Man listen

No you
like you don't know how we used to act do in 97 98 99

Man listen

No you fuckin listen don't tell me listen you fuckin listen

It's 98, it's 99. I've got some. I've got mine.
I'll still love you in 1999. Hold it.
Now we're downtown at the show and we've got no place to go.
(chorus 2x's)

Now I can't believe why would she do me like that
Got me in the front with baby boys in the back
All on tv saying this and that
in how they manage
And how I do damage, fuck takin' flicks for cameras
You know them bandanas, run with them clip bananas
I'm on the hunt for
up stiff, please just feel free to use me
Then go to work and let me wonder what it was that made you choose me

And now I love you more than that,
Please don't do the mute when you hear me on the juke
Brothers know the angle, it's the Star-Spangled black banner
Hook up the beats at the funk manor
from Venus now
I'll get to them somehow

All I want to do is please you
Please myself by living my life too

And all the stupid things I do
me for you, that's how we do, 99-to-two-thou Brand Nu 


you for me (Uhuh) 

Me for you (Me for you) 

One for all (One for
Canibus nigga. You know what I'm saying?
Yeah, yeah.
[1st man]
Yeah, niggas gonna feel that nigga.
[3rd man]
Oh, that's the old to the new.
Ah-yo, can you feel it?
I know that everybody's heard of that (Vapors)
But this is the 98 version of that
Biz Mark, one of the founders of this art
Inspiration, destiny, Ev producer/MC
Now at this point, my face wasn't known and unfamiliar
And when you look how I do, most cats won't say they feel ya
So I
Baby I think its time for us to do what we came to do,
Here come closer to me, I wanna make you feel so good tonight I'll do anything you say
New millini niggas yo we here to straight salute why'all
(Shoot why'all) Wack niggas we here to mute why'all
And drop shit to make all you niggas
salute y'all
(Shoot y'all) Wack niggas we here to mute y'all
And drop shit to make all you niggas just get the boot y'all, baby
Wiggle ya shit one time

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