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got the houndstooth but I rather liked the plain
Ooh, you could have got the houndstooth but you rather liked the plain?
Yes, I could have got
There's a houndstooth coat with a thirty inch waist
I was gonna wear it again when I dropped the weight
I was gonna take my baby dancing, yes
me flat
Was it all so much to ask

And now you get your cigarettes
And me I get my houndstooth coat
The neighbors get a good night's sleep
Our friends
myself on fire
Light myself on fire
Light myself on fire

Lighting myself on fire
Pulling my houndstooth lighter out of my pocket
Starting with what you
bracelets, houndstooth pockets
Everybody saying "Here comes good news"

Where did you get that little blue number?
Rings a bell in the back of my mind
mind goes creaking down the wall

Slow down
So I can limp beside you
I'm following your houndstooth

Hang on
Street savant
My bank in
The underground is heavy full of misfits
You can have your houndstooth with a silver trim
Your bags might look pretty closed, but how about open 

Oh this heart
9pm in the car
Wearing black shirt, houndstooth pants, with puma shoes
Play 'malibu nights' album
And go to the bar
I saw you with the girls
the lounge room
She looked into my face and said you nothing like these scoundrels 
It's a low down dirty shame that my moncler is houndstooth
need to get it too i'm worried about you
Because i'm a real dude and that's what real do

Pink polo sweater but my hair ain't colored
Got a houndstooth
way in quite a while (I think I like you)

We could walk to the capitol 
Swing by Houndstooth and pick-up a cup of Joe
Grab our cameras and 
Click Click
arrived just as I stepped on the platform

Sometimes my skin doesn't quite fit on my body
Sometimes I question the mirror
But I look good in my houndstooth
interlocked like houndstooth
And she left you right where she found you
And that's not bout me boy, that's bout you
And you in right now, but I'll out you
the ice was just the water waiting

With a houndstooth seersucker Saturday suit
This time on a Tuesday evening
You spent your life collecting all those
Come back, daddy
Hounds-tooth coats and vitamins

If ever the sea claims our cities on the coast
Before the last bridge blows I know I will propose
into vapor
And there's a wasteland of Herman Miller's chairs
Way up in Houndstooth Loft
If you listen closely
You can hear them all get off

Lord I
onto the beach
Bring your houndstooth coat
You went out and came back in
And went out again
Collar of fur

(Ooh ooh ooh ooh)
(Ooh ooh ooh ooh)
I love bein' a woman
Is it such a crime? (Crime, crime, crime, crime)
If a girl gets her cake and she eats it too?
On that

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