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Sometimes I wake up in the morning
To red, blue, and yellow skies
It's so crazy I could drink it like tequila sunrise
Put on that Hotel California
I'm just ridin' and decidin' if I want someone to hold
No commitment I'm just gettin' laid, I can get 'cause
California, sweet California
go a whizzing by,
Fare thee well Laramie and Rocky Mountain High,
Yes sirree, here we are, going all the way, mustn't quit 'til we hit California
Making vans and hotels feel like home

Until we’re back in California where we keep our friends around
Make our way to Arizona never turned
the beginning we didn't have much luck
So we took all our things up upon a bus
It cost us three dollars just to get half way
Down through Baja California

combination 3,2,1, (which only I know)
And I've just seen by mentor Dr No
California sun is on the radio let's go

I just want to reach the radio star
(This is a parody of Hotel California by The Eagles)

From a dark desert highway we pulled into the inn
Rome called for a census, I was from
In New York city just walking the street
Ran out of money had nothing to eat
I stopped at the Plaza, that fancy hotel
Where you can check in if
a little vacation once in awhile
At the Cable Car Hotel, San Francisco style
For three nights and three days
Jesus hung on a boom box while it played
comes my turn

Fine spring day, California waves
Sweet Pacific scenes through the
Windows of airplanes and hotel rooms

So when I find myself alone
Leave it all behind

We'll take you down 
To sweet home Alabama
And out 
To hotel California
Show you 
The bluest skies in Texas
And the green 
Waiting on an elevator, in a hotel out in California
Smog clouds up in the windows, but there is a plaque up on the wall
That tells of the Agoras,
This is a town full of Leos
The sun shines on the cars
And the buses of tourists do the homes of the stars

'Hotel California' goes around in my head
When I sit back 
And close ma eyes 
When I got you sitting by side 
When I feel that sexy body 
Rubbing up all over mine. 
That is when I know 
Got a circle of success you can say I'm way around it

Yeah and by the way my name is Touch????

[Verse 2 - Birdman]
Uptown roller, take it off
Well how do you do
My name is Lars
I'm from Cambell california
You might know that by now
I'm of danish decent
For that I'm proud
See my father was
live in California, drive a drop top
Roll by the beach, look at the freaks
jump in my car, I do it every week
DJ's who know call me Mister Short
with X, the Cali kush was makin' her cough
She must hate wearin' her clothes, she keeps takin 'em off
At the Palms Hotel on a Friday night
Attack each
But Top Dogs camp ain't nothin' to fuck with
And don't say we didn't warn ya

I got this Detroit thang with more love that California
Drunk DJ
of like a masquerade
Fake suede boots and Cadillac coupes swoop the boulevard (Err!)
In hot pursuit and we ain't afraid to shoot
From hotel to motel, for
crippled by the manacles of segregation and the chains of discrimination. One hundred years later, the Negro lives on a lonely island of poverty in the midst
of like a masquerade
Fake suede boots and Cadillac coupes swoop the boulevard (Err!)
In hot pursuit and we ain't afraid to shoot
From hotel to motel, for
him, but I don't wined up wit him
I just stack my cake, hair back to the states
Know it's two case, like "Oh yea, by the way..."
at the hotel smoked out stealin all the towels
y'all bitches ain't fading me when you act disgracefully
I can't help it you're a discruntful employee hatin me
the pro only murders solo
I almost lost my life working with teams out in soho
California beach, we was storming the place
Fucked around and almost got buck

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