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light me up!
Go to jail, light me up!
Hot sauce to go, hot sauce to go

Hey yo, Honey got a goon thinking
That ass like that, she could
to the bone

She'll sit around and tease 'em
Tell 'em she can please 'em
But I know that she's taking me home

Well well well
She's Louisiana Hot Sauce
the top dog, do it like a rockstar
Stuffin em up, a double dose of hot sauce
You got your ears on, and your listenin
To bad motherfuckas in this here
On stage screamin' 'em 
They call me the Greenthumb, the serene one
I laid back from the drum like a beach bum
Shit is hot as summer, another classic
He eats boot black rotted on a 
Piece of white bread
He did the Pink the Pink Elephant

Blinded by the sauce you know 
I'd rather stay bent
the sauce once again 

It's been 97 days since I've laid my head beside you 
And a million miles of highway in between 
There's some red and blue lights
this bitch the night before Christmas
Baby made my hitlist Christmas night
She let a nigga hit by Christmas lights
This bitch was tight, just my type
I don't know (I wish they had beer, it'd be perfect)
I like the little trays that the food comes on (I like the Polynesian sauce)
I'm with the hottest girl in the club
Everybody knows what I'm talkin' bout
Hot sauce, she's the boss
But I just don't wanna rock
I don't even
But if we all should unite
We all would see the light, ooh yes
But then, yeah

Some a like it hot tilly bop
Some like it cold
Some a like it
Babe Ruth
She let me hit it out the park like I'm Babe Ruth
Then I hit my dougie, ooh I'm pretty though
Bring that Hilfiger back and I'm jiggy though
It's so hot, hot, hot in here

When we dried off by the bank, it was getting dark
We threw a blanket on the ground, underneath the stars
melting the ice ,
You like the sunshine of my life 'cause all see is a
A hot thang, and you my hot thang, and you my hot thang,and you my hot thang , word
the hot sauce
Yea a lot of motherfuckers wanna talk soft
All shocked when somebody else glock pop
And they layin' in the box mannibal like they right up in
like garden hose

I tell her man's not hot, I tell her man's not hot
The girl told me, "Take off your jacket"
I said, "Babes, man's not hot" (never
crashing there.
The space between the skin and all her blood.

The nights were hot and hissing like an iron.
The days spent climbing walls like a vine.
Cadillac fills
20 inch wide 20 inch high
Oh don't you like my 20 inch ride
20 inch thighs make 20 inch eyes
Hoping for American 20 inch pies
Pretty ass
"Sauce Motherfucker" "Bitch niggas listen"
      "I represent that shit, nigga bombs it son" (Repeat 4x)

  "You niggas heard 'Pre-Game'"
   By Sauce
Make hot joints bang on wax 
Lay back talk style never lazy flow 
Actin like you know crazy dough 
Have to reincarnate me five times to blow 
that's pretty, then you see green from 
All money 
I spend (what you do?) I stay fresh like mint from mint 
I meant my mint, know what I mean? I'm nice
to remember, but I know just who I am
I've grown into a man and like my n**** said we executed the game plan
`Cause we got that hot sauce!!!

(I'm Hot) Open the door, feel the breeze
And park that ass like Aj's and Free's
But this section's E's behind the rope
If your not with me freeze
the hot sauce

Donde estan los nachos? Holy frijole!
You better get me a bowl of guacamole
Y usted, Eugene? Wh's your face turning green?
Don't you like
of touch
Yeah, I can't say no
I can't say no
Yeah, that's the way it goes

Speedin' down your arteries
Freeway to your heart
Runnin' hot
Sworn by
And rip out ya tongue cause of what ya mouth, told
Sweat for the lemonade, sweat for the tea
Sweat from the hot sauce, sweat from the D
And you can sweat

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