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and the horses dying side by side

Thunder Rolling in the Mountains said, "my heart is sick and sad.
Our children now are freezing. The old chiefs are dead.
know how much the kitchen cost
Your bitch and boss, get 'em crossed, best bet don't piss me off
Listen horse a lot of niggas I did endorse
Or course
out of the car and walk through it, visit the river and talk to it
Simply saying, "Mr. water, what is it that you running from?"
Asked the bird in
Must I remind him? The whip be like four hundred horses
The meal be like eight courses, black on black forces
Fuck the leaky faucet, torch it
forces, face losses
As I break backs like Superman on horses, word ajar
Ancient warrior like Thor
Spiritual like the Ibis god Thoth
Complex construction by
and yelling and various offenses, lower the queen and bend her over the tub, against the state, the country, the committee, hold her head under the water please
her head under
The water please for
An hour, for groveling and spewing and various offenses, puncture the

Bloat with the wing
Of a sparrow,
feels like heaven
They calling me the dude no Devin it's for my sevens
I'ma ride if I'm summoned, I abide by nothin'
I'm my own damn boss, I can put
he lifts with the force of a horses kick
Multiplied by the reason why god exists, and makes Thor his bitch!
Horror flick like imagery, organs

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