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make the world so small
Nothing else else is happening
Because I'm with it all

I'm so blessed by your presence

Alighted you're so horrible
I'm dead... I feel so...
I'm shocked by horrible visions
A dream?... Delirium?
I'm trying to find any reason
I'm in hell
I hear maggots swarm by my
Rise now my son 
You were suffering from a horrible dream 
So mend your ways before they tear you by the seams 
You're not the first and not
Just before the afternoon creeps in
Just before it gets too hot to be outside
I like to lay on my back in the grass and
Watch the airplanes go by
Deep in the heart of Germany
Lucy clutched her breast in fear
She heard the beat of her lover's heart
For weeks she raved in dreams he appeared
Shadowlike they haunt me at night
Horrible dreams to grab my sleep
Whatever I do, wherever I go
They're always near beside

If these turn up
No shape, no form, no brain, no mind
But the power to control all resistance
Its awesome might cannot be denied
By the world that ignores its
If I were the betting kind I bet you thought the easy life
Was the one you thought you'd live by
And all you had to do was decide
A swimming pool

Satan never sleeps!!!

Horrible pestilence, total armageddon, made more marvellous by
the famine before, and the great strife and tribulations
Is to be visited by every horrible thought in my mind.

I'm tired of dying.
This isn't fun anymore.
I'm tired of dying.
I'll be prepared when
Dreams!  things aren't all that they seem
Dreams! life's not all about  cream
Dreams! please say it all was a dream
'cause the fight for
They told me, to let go and dream of torture
And horrible things of that kind
They told me, you're only good as a thought you keep
as ice
A horrible laughter escapes from his mouth
Raving in madness when fumes are inhaled
The poison is ready to fulfill his dreams
He walks
darkness to light
I take a leap, a step, to another direction

By the wall there was nothing to see
But suddenly he is there with a pale face and red hair
Despise me, 
Deprive me of my Pride
(It) used to be my bride, 
When I cry, when I die
I'll be denied by my disguise
So vile

My eyes, cold
the power goes out
Like the moments you might
Shake yourself awake
From those horrible dreams
The only ones we never talk about

The glare of madness
on your show you are a horrible actor

Piece by piece you will discover that the truth is in your kneeling knees

If its dreams that you want then its
Into the darkness I walk alone and cold
Feeling their eyes upon me like stone
Deep in the black I'm absorbed by the night
Igniting my fear I head
one and the same.
It's a burning cigarette,
It's a horrible dream.

There's a man in an office who's going through files
And a woman who watches TV.
Blasphemous words and eyes that bleed,
In horrible never ending torments,
Waiting for hell my dead body looks ahead,
That will be soon the end.

horrible to say 
Scenes so real and twisted
Are they temporary thoughts
To disappear when I awake? 
Or are they soon to be realities
That I must
That I behold, profound has an eternal slumber, 
Holding the strangest of dreams. 
Blindly I follow, for I am simply drugged by their livid smile.
The Law Library saga now continues
The Nacirema Dream version
As promised, yuh

You used to get a year for a gun, they increasing the math
up your sleeves and you sow all your seeds
Toil in the soil but you’re not allowed to reap
So you toss and you scream like a horrible dream

[Jamie Madrox]
They told me, to let go and dream of torture
And horrible things of that kind
They told me, you're only good as a thought you keep