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Will mine be told while I'm still young and horney
I know my role is to be a confusion
Set the clock back when I'm growing old

This kid came over
Dial me up, it's time for cybersex

It's like four in the morning
Wake up like you're hungry
I know you're really horney
Really need you something
the frontseat 
My head is spinnin´ around and around because of the heat 
The sun is shinin´ it makes everybody horney 
I´m just about to face it that
You're in the hole for the nuclear fall out with the snakes and creapy freak
Hotch and cotch and horney freaks
Shaddy ladies evil ernies richy richs
Give it all you got
Give it all you got
Me, me, me so horney

Aw baby I like it, (i like it)
I love it, (i love it)
Give it all you got
And only I can fulfill your needs

Girl, I'm thinkin' 'bout it 'bout it
And I'm tired, ain't had no sleep, no
I want to get rowdy, rowdy
closely followed
By delusions of grandeur." (--Karen Horney)
I think about all the pube I got
While reading the Rubaiyat
And make babies in bunny slippers
Baby mama that's a whole 'nother story
Both too young both too horney
Cell phone rung, but I didn't anwser
Check my voice mail, my grandma got
horney (ouch)
How you going jump up talking about what I stole
Bitch you better slow your role
Before yousell your soul
Getting all mad when you don't know
me horney
(Yeah yeah yeah)
When you wind up your body
(Yeah yeah yeah)
Girl you're fat and you're sexy
(Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah yeah yeah yeah)
They be tied up this is one-to-one
Hit your finger with my fucking palm
Let us fuck, a nigga not horney
Hell no, sleep with me
Give her this
The guy with the shower cap running the streets
Big old stomache, they all know me
Last video, I was in the back
Now I started a group with Horney Mac
ol' stomache, they all know me
Last video, I was in the back
Now I started a group with Horney Mac [sp??]

I'm a Rock Star
Baby baby baby
with phonics
And under M-I-see I'm a black belt with the fifth degree
Came to California horney-a didn't know
Got a sack full of rhymes and I'm ready
Bizare nights move on the grace of a lost light 
All them horney whites feeling like Christ with the army 
Tight cons be writing all my life 
It's based

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