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Simply a hope, perchance to dream
Ah but still, I can't forget her
Hope springs eternal it would seem

Sadly a fiction my predilection for her arrival
feeling chosen

So if I face another day without you next to me
I'll lock you in my mind and wish away the key

Hope springs eternal when you're
a good farm slowly die

Gone to Shiloh
For the Union
Shoulder to shoulder
Side by side
Gone to Shiloh
Hope springs eternal
When flags and bullets
see, Eden through the blizzard
Only you spring eternal censor free
Only you are Minnie Pearl behind the 8 ball
The keeper of my pathetic dream

I'd like
Blessed is the man who does prevail
Doomed are the peacemakers when they fail
If hope springs eternal, it never get here
I guess I lost all my hope
but every night
The same dream
The same dream...

There is a place within your mind and heart
Spring eternal, youth's hope and strength
Not so far

Hope springs eternal and it says to me
Don't waste another chance so carelessly
I've got lessons learned if nothing else
So I'll make a solemn
distance call
And hope springs eternal
Leaves me to stare at the moon

Name, you're nothing more
Face, face, you're only skin and bone
Voice, you've
And burning love inside

After forty work-filled days and sleepless nights,
The sails are lit by the lights of Boston
And here we go
Off the ship! towards
concept - and by all that we know of ancient Egypt, embraced life and the hope of an eternal afterlife - most ancient Egyptians probably were resigned to do