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the clutch call me gucci mane orion

Cocaina shawty thats a whole nother story
Cause to a hood bitch gucci's voice is your foray
Mic check ice check
through traffic
It's Gucci Mane, you bastard
And I'm a known shoe-addict
Got em fallin out the attic
I'm a real hood classic
Zaythoven is nasty
It's Gucci, It's Gucci Burr
Soulja Boy Tell Em'
It's Gucci, Flocka
Scott Storch, Gucci Mane, we back at it
So Icey

We smokin' that fire
Ferrari Boyz in the building

Catch up!
Everybody know I got a sack man
I got the whole hood shopping when the pack ends,
people think I’m crazy
But Gucci Mane really love all that shit ? 
Hundred ? a day shit, hundred dollar blind shit
You can wear my shoes ? 
These True Religion not the knock off
My camera chain is an eye problem
I'm a stunt stunt a bill on a half a mil'
Ice crem Gucci Mane, can I live?
and he's so corny, 
I'm so hood that the hoes get horny,
07 corvette I'm off set shortys,
If those the new 20 then order me forty,
Gucci mane rabbit drums
It's a white girl in town: name is "cocaine"
It's some dirty birds in town: Gucci Mane and Waka Flame
We flying, we buying, say you got more bird?
you tuti-fruit, you through
I'm an animal, a cannibal, they say I'm on the loose
Animal, a cannibal, they say I'm on the loose
Gucci Mane La Flare,
popped this summer (Gucci)

Sometimes I, I feel good
I be in the hood, I just ride by
Sometimes I, I feel bad
I be in the hood, might do a drive-by
Ain't your name lil' Trina cause you look like Janet Jackson
I'm off three double stacks and I'm looking for that action
Gucci Mane you stupid man I
[Chorus: Gucci Mane (Lil Scrappy): x2]
I rob in my black tee
Hit licks in my black tee
All in ya house searching for bricks in my black tee (Crank
look like Janet Jackson
I'm off three double stacks and I'm lookin' for that action
Gucci Mane you stupid man I love the way you flowin'
Ridin' in my
in weeks


[Verse 3:]
Gucci Mane the flyy nigga get your mind right
Or a crys by the twelve like a case of budlight
Sell a cush by a bell so
Yup, yuo
Gucci Mane in this motherfucker (Gucci Gucci)
My nigga Zo' on the track (My nigga Zo')
That real shit, that real shit

I'm a hood rich
punch shawty I will make you see the light mayne
Stomp-out shawty I will make you read my Jordans
Try Gucci Mane boy you must be retarded
Gucci Mane in the buildng (Gucci Gucci)
Laflare entertainment (Laflare)
Zaytoven on the track (Zay Tiggy)
That nigga Dest in the buildin (that boy
3 thousand 5 hundred dollars call that a loui' purse
A pent house sweet for me and her, call that a loss her skirt
Nigga out shine Gucci mane I
Fans, say that my album is close to a classic
They don't, gas it, y'all gots to have it
Shoes, got to be christian or gucci or prada
Who could stop
to be the claim to fame 
Long Beach Was A Mutha was a classic mane 
Tellin' tales about how we was strugglin' 
And surrounded wit tha homeys that was
that's what they like 
When you lookin' good (whoa) that's what they like 
When you smellin' good (whoa) 
You respect lil' B in every hood (whoa) that's
Master P]
Call me Ghetto Bill cus my seats they be Gucci
And when I roll through the hood I got 2 or 3 hoochies
Lou Vaton Airbags 'case I crash bad
j'crache ma peine
Comme j'crache mon sperme
Toujours une larme à l'œil
Un peu comme Gucci Mane

J'suis l'ennemi public numéro un
En rotation dans tous

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