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Seh wah
Too many watch my style
A who
Too many walk and pree
A me
Dem can never be
Honourable honourable
Too many watch my style
A who
Too many
taking this too serious
But baby you're delirious
Cause you were just an honourable mention
In my personal dimension
Where I'm not the only one in
I desire to kill
And the blood is the source of my thrill

I'm an honourable man
And I despise the violence
An honourable man
I'm a keeper of peace
Love made her brave but oh so honourable
But still she keeps on holding on

Some say she's weak I say she's beautiful
Her weakness proves that she's
dey form honourable
Je kanmo ina

Ina ina mi to ti tan
Ahhn ina ina ina mi to ti tan
Ko deni baje oo
Ko deni baje oo
Ko deni baje oo
See you been needing a little
She like the way that i gbefun
Say she call me honourable
You been needing a little loving
Loving in your
All in the name of their so-called honourable mission
Cause they know it
And they play on it
To work their way to the position
All in the name of their
of honourable accolades
And go Stack up my plaques on plaques on plaques
A hundred grams sitting on my counter desk
They wanna challenge this Had To finesse with
The right honourable is on the floor
Watch him dance and hear the truth
He's right and he is honourable
He'll shake his stuff just for you

Today in parliament

You' got the honourable this 

And the honourable that

Nothin' so eloquent

As a little bit of mis-

Understanding and a lot
that is long gone
Still holding on to the values that they once sworn
To uphold, nothing's more honourable than a knight's oath
Meanwhile the Conquerors
never touched her
For god sake
I'm an honourable guy

He passed out after a dozen drinks
They threw him out on the street
And I was in the bar with his
and starved and needing

Not like I failed to keep it vulnerable
More a betrayal, I thought you honourable

It isn't like you to be cruel, yeah I thought I'd
God forgives, He's so honourable
But living amongst thieves and niggas like myself
You will not have that luxury

I wake up excited, I made it
God forgives, He's so honourable
But living amongst thieves and niggas like myself
You will not have that luxury

I wake up excited, I made it
and start the court calendar off
With docu number 9mm
All rise
The Honourable Jay-Z presides
Instead of a mallet I hold a tool
All objections over-ruled
All stand and raise your champagne glass

And approaching the pulpit the right honourable Reverend Greene

We are gathered here this evening to pay

I'm in the grip of my intentions
I'm almost paralysed, paralysed
I can't wait for honourable mentions
You get no guarantees, no guarantees
I don't wanna die and burn in hell, I wanna live honourable, and do well,
But how, how do I stay on path, when I see somethin' fucked up I wanna
as charged
I am the honorable Judge Pigmy
No longer will you make a mockery of the justice system
The honourable Judge Pigmy
As spoken
I sentence you
An honourable man picks a slender orchid
And crushed it between his hands
The sacred knife of a Samurai
Serves up Sushi in a sandwich bar
smiling, but what's your intention
F a judge and stil get an honourable mention
Tell ya peace and love without both my fists clenching
Raps with real
Oba ikorodu Ikorodu oga awon Ijoye ikorodu oga senator bayo Ikorodu 
Oga honourable sob Ikorodu oga

Ati gbe de to gun to gun
Ati gbe de ti ja ti ja
a little honourable
Leaving me messages indecipherable
All the time I spent with you irrecoverable
Girl how you always looks so fine
Girl how you always look

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