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as strong as I used to be

Is it all about security?

I need to provide to stay alive,
Build a future,build a home
10 years from now thime will run out
And it knows that I am here
It's always quite confusing
When I try to leave it home
I'll be walking going somewhere
And I feel I'm not alone
It is
I was dyin in that small town, dreamed of headin southbound
So I hitched down I-65
I climbed into her trans am, an hour below of Burmingham
your car door when I walk by
You won't even look me in the eye
I walk alone down the street at night
Triggering every sensor-security light
I am
(I ain't doin' that shit)
You motherfuckers think I'm crazy right? (yeah you crazy)
I know, but I am..

I have to show niggas, word g, I have
a freak in my arms cold kicking on the set
Never get ill coz I'm too damn swatz
Got a funky Trans-Am with a duel exhaust
LA is fine but Seattle is my
the week and I'm half way back. By the time
I get home I'm back there again. I am completely aware and yet somehow I'm forced to the margins.
Bench warming
We all tryin’ not to notice
Just how different we all are

There’s that macho guy in the black Trans-Am, the old man’s new sedan
We drive whatever
parties are the shit, forty mags by the scones
I'm fighting for gun rights to shoot a nigga in his dome
Click your fucking heels, there's no place like home
Usher Usher, yeah man, true story,
Real G's wit me on this one, ya, ya, ya, ya

[Verse 1]
Wifey home, wedding band I'm a lucky man,
You'd think
there's ten of me
A sketch for their clone
A dog without a home
But you want more when I was on tour
Told her "you should write a lot"
Now look how
I lie in wait for you,
My enemy eclipsed,
The first and final warning,
A fatal catalyst,
Fire wrapped in clouds,
You've come to send me home
burned, slapped or beaten down to the ground.
They say financial security is hard to come by for a woman like me,
And for the children, I need a good home
Yeah! 50 Cent, Lloyd Banks, Young Buck
G G G G G-Unit! Haha!

Vacate your home I come to brake your bones
Americas nightmare we at it again
A desert
[50 Cent]

Yeah! 50 Cent.. Lloyd Banks.. Young Buck...
G G G G G-Unit! Haha!

[Young Buc]

Vacate your home I come to brake your bones
Looking like a nice guy, ‘til I take your motherfucking wi-fi
And torrent every single song in my library
Then I drive by very fucking high by everybody
In the lonely streets of every town
In the home of Mr. Jones
The men all sell their souls to love
But their women sleep alone

The women sell their
Pass my pussy around like it's Ja Rule's jewelry
I got news for you bitch, your new curfew's early
You ain't home by 2:30

Hey lady, hey darlin',
see me lean
I'm tint so it ain't easy to be seen
When you see me ride by they can see the glean
And my shine on the deck and the TV screen
Ride with
I don't wanna sell yay
Get my door kicked in by the kkk
Shoulda said the police
Lookin for the quarter piece inside my caprice

from the tracks
let me be
I'm an example of a candle lit life
with electric relaxation, brain trampled by devotion
to remote control channel changin
something provoked
they can see me lean
I'm tint so it ain't easy to be seen
When you see me ride by they can see the glean
And my shine on the deck and the TV screen
for beetles
Pry em out and pin em to the pole over the seesaw
Solar Coke'er shimmy out crater cradle my way in double wishbone suspension verse am
G-Unit kicks on
I might be goin' in when pimp C get home
If you don't like me, say it to my face
Just because I caught a case don't mean you can't be
I got niggas on my team, who ain't scared to catch a case
Catch yo bitch while she's shoppin'
And put that pistol by her waist
Push her in your