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here to there.
There's the Burren and the Cliffs of Moher,
And the Tulla and the Kilfenora,
Miko Russell, Doctor Bill,
Willy Clancy and Noel Hill
Call me up to Your side
Draw me up to Your light
Let it blind me
Lord, refine me
Refine me out of my mind

Music by Peter Furler / Lyrics by Peter
owe me
I pray to the thug lord, like that motherfuckers holy
Frontline soulja, till the heavens call me
I go all out, and if you real, you real
and what you call 'God'
Holy Bible to the Holy Quran
Everybody seekin' salvation
Some try to get it by smokin' dumb-dums
Some only feel it when they get
Oh God of the armies of Heaven 
Blessed are those who trust in you, trust in you. 

First Verse: 

True is to it 
But I did not do it by myself, ya
faith, the only thing holy is the drawers I'm wearin'
89' I aimed to graduate, no exaggerate
Evaporating positive energy from inside of me
To the point
This goes out to all that knows me
All y’all pussy niggas, holies
Y’all play tough guys but call the police
Look I don’t care, I don’t share
I keep

(Manny Fresh)
Bought ahead
The new escalade where a bush fuckin` fed
No i`m so damn paid
For heaven sakes
Right there with bill gates (soooo
of command is effective immediately, the cause and effect
It calls for your death
Black suburbans at night with no lights ram you off Hollywood Hills
don't go to heaven
Us g's live bad on the street
I gotta hustle hard cause a nigga gotta eat

Cause nobody ever gave me nothin' but a hard time
sleepin' on the floor with an appetite
Me and my sister awake to buckshots and flashin' lights
My father been in jail half his life
Became a black
everywhere, tell the truth you wouldn't dare
Cross me like the gold you wear
Soulo flow like the solar flare in the open air
So much smoke that I'm comatose,