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Vessel, host, occidental guests
Figure and field, both, carrier, carried
Holographic paradigm
The whole in every part

Warm, viscous body,
Crowd and knitter of killers
With their wild minded Apache poems
Taxies, Oxycontin holographic
Say it, and then you'll become
Stammer the hearts
And at a greater depth

Lies the holographic structure painted upon the cosmos
Gaze beyond the matrix
Beyond the eidolon reality, blinding me,
Can we resist collapse of our potential
Enter into the grey
Every step into the duality
We're holographic in a multidimension
Collecting our
the alligator
Picking up its open-ended
Holographic roots
It moved out to the tower 
To look down on me and you
Walking caves of empty water
In the boring
soon was lost in foggy ditch,

Without a feather gray or white to tickle that piano witch,

Fearing that I must expose my worm to holographic haze,

Tonight, when it's late, you should smile, masturbate

So, girl, you and me can watch each other pee
With holographic shirts we'll shine under blacklights
You come to me as the flies to the spider
Blinded from my intellectual darkening
Try to move in the
Holographic image of choice
And I'll project you
bomb, the future bomb. Is always wrong.
The neutron bomb.
Monitored by the alien control satellites.
We have holographic images showing the destruction
holographic heart
Lost souls dancing
And now the lie's collapsing

There's something inside you that isn't right
There's something that haunts your dreams
Behold essence of unearthly
Holographic entity
Shape shifting being within me
Defying the eyes

I emerge from within
Cold-blooded design
mindnumbing relief
Pablum for masses in a cathode ray bile
Neon holographic wonderland lies
Reflected in millions of unsuspecting eyes
Synapse overload
Brothers from another planet and here once again
Quantam saints of the universe in a holographic
Cosmic remix
Cosmic remix
our animosity at holographic enemies

Counter culture accounted for rebel factions factored in (2x)

Following the acid trails, believing all the fairy
read the universe might be holographic
Traffic lights might reverse my love
Go ahead and traverse the winter (yeah)

We eat crickets
In the future
and kiss your holographic wife
You never dreamed it'd be so good

Technology will wrap its arms around you
Just let our main frame show you love
Death becomes welcome the pinnacle of bedlam

Foretold in life's blood
Encoded false hypocrisy
Scales tip in degradation
Holographic mis-reality
would ride his
Put cards in our spokes and make our engines sound like traffic
When using Pokemon cards, please do not use the holographics
So bold
the scrying window
spinning through a spheric world
confluent, psychedelic
flashing visions clear

Holographic, schematic
molecular, reversal
found, hologram within
Why we relied on space and time, no one here can know
At last we looked at what we found

Holographic worlds are in sight
up your heart, make a whole new start
Free from the past
Your future is convertible
Now embrace the Holographic Principle

Only you is what you'll
holographic cheekier than
Jesus, but pornographic.
Oh do! Yes lets! Lets go to that new place,
With the name like the place where the
Glamorous died,
whores like Mary Magdalan
The Hologram plans his incision
Apparition of Tibetan black magicians
My compositions will turn men into slaves
through so holographic
Red ones look like Aidan Mackey spent dinero like taxi driver
Handmade is that thing with tires but I rode the bike
And vill tail

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