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on a shoestring, a tripwire tragedy
Oscillation between extremes
Of agonizing sublimity and sublime agony

Skirting reality with holistic perceptions
A selfish focus. The special interest flight only compounds havoc.
The holistic picture stays unviewed and worsens.
It is the reason violators
Live while
from the sermon
I do not talk to the serpent
That's the holistic discernment
Daddy said I'm so determined
Told me these goofies can't hurt me
I just
and silence is stronger than sound
We're listening to the tone which is not played
Nothing is what we want
Nothing is what we get

Nut the holistic moment
eyebrows as new information emerges
From progressive and holistic communities about the critical importance of vitamin D.


The OGs
Let it penetrate in, strengthen my grasp
Holistic healers dealin' our galactic growth
Reversin' fx of shit wrecked Chernobyl

Want to take it

Your simplistic measures
Your holistic treasures
What you want and what you need
What you feel in your dreams

Been around and fought a lot
your mouth was okay

A holistic healer
Found by the river
With a blank on my mind
I dropped the ball and I'm singing
This song like a teacher could
the holistic tomes

Running rampant with free thought to free form
In the free and clear
Where the matters at hand are shelled out like lint at a laundromat
a one night stand
You're not a sleaze, ah!

That frown soon turned to a smile!
You realized I was deep
Deep in love in the holistic sample
is no coming back

News flash!
The world cracks wide the fuck open
Swallowing you and your homies whole
Whole notes, holistic remedies, the whole
the holistic tomes.
Running rampid with free thought to free form, and the free and clear.
When the matters at hand are shelled out like lint at a
Laundry mat
Holistic seduction, yea

Caught up in the essence of the reasonings
Beyond the arms of nature suppose to smarkle in the evenings
Air is gill with meaning
ideas is holistic
Whole numbers tend to come from cold tundras
But its no wonder, a sweat box when arose summer

Every year another court date
holistic medicine, jettison
For synthetic remedies, remember these lyrical lacerations
Call the paramedics, know that in my context, no contest
stay strapped like it's cook it or tick
That bitch ass fake, but it look realistic
I don't take meds no more, bitch, I'm holistic
I drop my gun
I brought holistic health in the stealth
Form of a rhyme that you felt
Man listen, I'm in the pole position, on-call physician
Ballin on a mission

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