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in public
A lotta blood, sweat, and hope came from this block
When floodin', a lotta dope came from this block
But fuck it, I'm in my whip pushing
Will You wash me clean in the palm of Your hand?
Will You hold me close so I can thrive?
When You touch me, that's when I know I'm alive

Down here
Torn from the only thing 
I know broken off struggling 
To hold on burn me rip me tear me apart 
Scalpel cuts and stabs digs in my lungs 
My face
Fuck, bust nuts, rush
Grab the gold and carry it in your mouth
But I'm a try to hold the microphone and turn the party out
And if it's the type of crowd
declared  his arm public enemy number one
Now throw your hands in the air,if you want to party hard
Now put your hands back down,everybody's,'cause
To hold the only joy the world did not destroy
A laughing little brown eyed boy she calls her own
Though he leads her by the hand and tries to be
You fill up the page
Fill it up with your rage
But now there's a doubt over the wisdom you hand out in spades
Please tell us which you think is
perfectly still
In the middle of the road
I hold my nerve
I hold my nerve
Hold my nerve
But the cars don't swerve

I will hear your prayers
As you
night girl, interigation. Baby hold on because I'm gon' rap this case up. I'll set the ruules that you go by. No room for public defenders your all mine.
I stand perfectly still
In the middle of the road
I hold my nerve
I hold my nerve
Hold my nerve
But the cars don't swerve

I will hear your
the Nation of Islam a dime 
They mention Muslims, you change the subject 
You can't even shake Farrakhan hand in public 

That whole busy attitude is
motherfuckin brains out. You motherfuckers!
No, keep your motherfuckin hands off! Fuck that!)

So I think 'bout my past now, my future holds only pain.
there to hold you too tight 

I tell you what it's going to be like 
Well you can never hold my hand in public 
They can't know or understand 
bump to take the pain out 

cause if he wasn't high he probably blow his brains out 

he's hopeless, this shit was in us as a baby 

Taylor be
leave me alone
Devils got a hold of me
Devils got a hold of me
Devils got a hold of me
(Devils got a hold of me)

Pen in my right hand, beat
million and fast too
They ain't teach a young nigga that in the classroom
Or how to make your people better by taking knowledge and spreadin' it
a candle like Mariah, I'm so fire
When I step in the club, get low!, like Flo Rider
Cause I'm a Pimp
You can tell by the limp
When I step aside
Let you know from the jump, I was that type of guy
Now you all on my voice mail askin' me why
Never kissed you in public and I never held your hand
you're a master with your ghetto blaster
Pipedreams about gold, but big men go faster
But you've hyped the type of music that holds you in a grip
When you
gotta carry it home in my teeth for y'all, I will

There is a greater love
Greater than your paper cuts
Greater than the labor suckin' souls
rules in the public schools
If this make us look bad and by the end of the day
That's what really matters the people in charge say
They need the public
Guaranteed to put your attention span in a choke hold, peace

We just representin' for all the hip-hoppers worldwide,
Emcees, DJs, be	-boys, raff-writers,
nobody with me, I'ma ride by myself
Get high by myself, get drunk by myself
Fuck this ho by my goddamn self (myself)
Don't nobody hold your own, like your
the center and face your competition
As I rock, you jock, and in shock
And have fear, when the E is on the spot
(You pulled the mic handle, Joker, Joker,
a vendetta
get Saddam by any means and make man chedda
in 4 years you grow 600 million
the bush family
oil tycoons
they're worth billions
you even pissed

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