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Clo-ser, to-to perfection
Clo-ser, to-to perfection

Closed every door
Puttin' everything aside
Hooked onto you
And my life was passing by
a bong killed a cat
Had my nuts attacked by rats
Dad got nude, I wore a thong
For a hobby I make bombs

Went to a farm to tip some cows
Forgot that I
Dorothy and Toto fought just some witch
And if Babe Ruth was just a guy with a glove
Then oh baby this is just some love
Oh baby this is just
skinny swollen kiddie covered in flies
His dinner stolen by the government, dies
A cash collection will be organized

But this is reality I'm so sorry,
These other niggas so-so, they open off my mojo
Spanish sobe with a half a kilo by her cho-cho
Blow it out your culo, who got dough on the smoke
It seems I should have walked away
Reverse the wager I've no means to pay
Toto has pulled back the green tonight, in sight
And blue pills coat
I weigh ya girl then
Dropped the whole thang on the crib nigga
I'm turnt up look at how I live nigga
Trappin' ain't a hobby it's a skill nigga
Well I ain't gonna be your hobby horse to ride
Walk up and down the midway by your side
We're on the road we cross it and love don't have a chance
In the worst of your fears
You have come so far to hear
That in turn they've showered your name
As the laughing stock
Now by fire you must hang
kiss the corpse

Chrissy's such a pretty lass
As benign as broken glass
No one in her family knows
The vile hobby that she chose

Some cops came
Witchcraft, it's her hobby
She has put a spell on me
Witchcraft, through and through
Black is the poison of her brew 

How do you do
need to,to find it


Say you be tripping,
Say you pimping it,
Talking 'bout how you 'Da Man?
What you are is something different
comin' straight from the Oaktown
Step out of line, it's mandatory I hurt ya
My hobbies in life, what? Sex money and murder

Sex from your
took down
A god damn killer comin straight from the Oaktown
Step out of line, it's manditory I hurt ya
My hobbies in life -- what? Sex money
A serious hobby in the garden shed
Model trains or soldiers in lead
Join the suburban boffins of Britain
Experts on trivial things

And holidays in
Pleasant crescent moon
Fills my heart with pain
Fills my toes with rain
Oh bobby you got a hobby
With the learned ones
Like a setting sun
The people
Transcribed by patrick and nicola

"I am tired and I'm bored,", he said. /
"and I've got kinks in my bed. /
This work, how I hate it, I'd
Dorothy and Toto fought just some witch
And if Babe Ruth was just a guy with a glove
Then, oh, baby, this is just some love
Oh, baby, this is
the taste of the lead, buck buck
The bass and the treb', the space in the back
Where chumps walk by, and they face get slapped
I'm not known to talk a lot
usually greener 
Life is usually meaner 
I'm like Ike I die for 
I'd rather be released 
Than controlled by the beast 
It's not my fault 
You're not
("Toto... ! Toto... !"), blowing these terrible germs in his direction ("Come here, Toto... !"), and all of this caused ("Toto... !") by a huge mountain
flake riverboat just blew by
Bubbles popped big
And a lipstick Kleenex hug on a pointed forked twig
Reminds me of the bobby girls
Never was my hobby girls
Prepare to witness a place of gore
Of legal dissection and blood on the floor
Carved up corpses, in the corner
Sliced up by a psychotic coroner
We dont admit it but we never seen eye to eye
My hobby's moaning and yours is making money
It's always a shock when old friends pass by
But with
I'm not stamp collector but I've got a hobby too
Bringin' home a souvenir trinkets old and new
Feathers from a rooster fight a whistle from a fair

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