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Hot coals laying on my motorcade
Jewelry gone, eyes still blue 
Thin memories in love with you, my hoary fire
In love with you

Get the fuck out
On forth with the decent 
Behold, the hibernal solstice 
Circumstances made up of 
Hoary flakes and hoary frost 
Making way on through an ocean
is as I suspected
Tomorrow, I leave the the imperious and hoary mausoleum of Khufu and seek answers within the Great Temple of Karnak

Karnak, Egypt
possessed by fame, fortune, glory
refusing thoughts of getting hoary
called it the privilege of youth
the creation of one's truth
believing in
As I in hoary winter's night stood shivering in the snow,
Surprised I was with sudden heat which made my heart to glow 
And lifting up a fearful
tears thaw my sleep
Wanting you, this hoary web is weaved
From this strange confusion
Grows a perverse communication
It enthralls me and coils me around
against the sun
All around the hoary oak
The laughing maidens run

Tosspint warms his codpiece
To the flour adds the yeast
In the field by Tanner's Mill
Led by hoary Death
They never left
Dreaming sodomies
To impress on human failure
When weÂ've bled upon our knees
Tablatures of gravel law
Beware yon' hoary crow 
He lies in every word 
I shall sail the seas this eve 
Where whispers can't be heard 

I'll lie in your arms 
My soul in your
with hysterical cries

I have plunged like a deer through the arches
Of the hoary primoridal grove
Where the oaks feel the presence that marches
Weary hearth-fire,
Will you smolder a while?
Warm her, heart-lorn and loath.

Homely barrow,
She'll be yours alone.
My grave lies afar.

the Beach
And a terrible Dream is within reach
The cold Winds tell a creepy Story
About a singing Mermaid wild and hoary

Fear and Dread should not worry
one, O great Khthon
Awaken and hear my adulation, O divine and glorious God of gods
From thy hoary tomb thou shalt ascend
And the earth shall be
the rising of the sun. This war which has raged for decades shall finally be decided here, before the hoary walls of ageless Gul-Kothoth
The Imperium's last
on the wrong side of the water
She's frozen love, as you left her
Out of who's womb came the ice
And the hoary frost of heaven
Who hath gendered it
the records of long extinct civilizations
Be it inscribed upon parchment now crumbled to dust
Etched into the sand-whipped, glyph-scored stone of hoary
conflicts with the hoary Serpent Kings 
Before retreating into the subterrene depths of the vast inner world
Whereas those First Ones that had chosen
Slung from the hoary heavens
With disbelief suspended
On a shining pendulum of faith

Hanging half awake and dreaming
Of burning cities gleaming
strange contraption
Over many a hoary dale
Unbar the batw! Take me to the house
Of your so-called priest blasphemer!

"We do not require the use
On our way and bound for glory, we came across the seven seas
Doomed to succeed till we'll be hoary, no compromise before our own blood will freeze
earth life was a conquering strife
And he lived till his beard grew hoary
And he died at last by hid blood red mast
And now he is lost in glory
so new, so hoary
Build a tower of strength and watch it weaken
Construct high hopes as the brightest beacon
Watch the seagulls eat the trash
to make it into this cruel song.]

A cruel love, to rend the hoary veil
Of cynic, hatred of mankind, and scorn
Of all things virtuous, seeing there is
the hoary tower casement
Ascends to view outside his manse the scene revealed below
Legions align on the red high land hills
Not as one but as many

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