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fill it up until you hit the roof
Now hit the dance floor that liquid courage always got you
Throw your hands up in the air
Like I'm the life
ahead and deal with my life
It has taken such a long time this time

Sunny called, I was in the bath
And heard the rain hit the roof and tiles real
ahead and deal with my life
It has taken such a long time this time

Sunny called, I was in the bath
And heard the rain hit the roof
And tiles real
hit the roof 

Interviewed your dreams 
Walked on thin air
No time to wonder now 
As I break through their stare
Would they understand
If I were
living with my girl and it`s real

I never thought you dig it so sure you hit the roof
And now you telling me you understand
That I`m a man
Ba ba ba
get stage fright but Twinkie gets nervous
D-V-R-G dons the glasses and towel commence service

Stand up, stretch, hit the roof
Bounce off the walls
on the booth
Hanging from the people on the people
My head hits the roof
Dancing on the ceiling on the people
I got people on the people
Dancing, dancing
the floor
He hits the wall
He hits the roof
He hits the dome
He hits the dome
This house
This house is
This house is
Is this house
Silhouettes découpent la nuit bleue de travail
Hit the roof
Ce soir, les gens
Nuée de nerfs
Retiens ton souffle

Je ravitaille en or bien des corbeaux
the language
When the rain hit the roof

With the sound of a finished kiss
Like when a lip lifts from a lip
I took the Wrong Road round
A room in
went to war with Sosa over a brick or two
So for a hundred ki's, think what my clique could do
I'm talkin' clappin' toasts, bullets 'll hit your roof
the roof hit the wall
 "And then it was my turn"
 He said "A man's home is his castle
 It always has been and so it remains"
 "But he holds the keys
gimme more bud to consume
Before my blood pressure hits the roof!
What the hell am I gonna do?
When the weed runs out it's always too soon,
What the hell
Hit the roof top
Hit the right spot
Step by step そんなヒマない
You know, I know
Blink の隙にエレベート
ただ following our heart
Can you see
I say, yeah

We don't need to be saved
If you fall, don't you worry

I'm gonna hit the roof and smash all the lights
I'll shine me down on all
a song
Make sure my money hit the roof before I'm gone
One touch, the roof is in the trunk
No blunts, I'm only rollin' papers when I puff
The sky's
you hit the roof because you can't sit through it
Your passions too much for you to not to be dancing to it
And as you do it, your movements become
got the proof
When you hit the bricks, I hit the roof

I hit the bottle, put the pictures on the bar
I'll always have these pictures, but I don't
the truth was far from that
No one ever knew for sure where they were really at
When they tried to strangle Larry, Joey almost got hit the roof
He went out
A man needs love to live, I'm the living proof
Catch that smile and I hit the roof

Big double take but ya keep on walking
Uh, I'm in love
almost hit the roof
He went out that night to seek revenge, thinkin' he was bulletproof

The war broke out at the break of dawn, it emptied out
up at the bus stop, she was soft and smooth
Talkin' bout what could pop out and hit the roof
Then she said somethin bout the cost
Man, that same bus
You know I'm stubborn, set in my ways, said I'd never
Fall in love, used all the old cliches
But just now when you called and my heart rate hit
I'm weary and I'm staying up late
And the rain hits my roof so hard
You know I'm no longer thirty
These days I'm happy to play
One or two hands

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