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when her parents they came to know
They swore they'd send him from the island.
The maid she knew her heart would break
Had she to part with young Matt
its mark
Her good bye hit me in the heart
Her good bye hit me in the heart

Her soft warm touch took me by surprise
I was blinded by the love in my
the mirror being followed by the hogs 
One time's on my motherfuckin' line 
Why the fuck the swine had to get behind a nigga like me 
They must thind I'm
and peel your cap 

Release from the clinic and now I'm looking for a body 

Strapped to the matt like a black John Gotti 

Ruthless as fuck and my eyes
do it

Drizzy, I'm sitting here watching Basketball Wives
Like, "uhh, them is basketball wives?"
Only cute one, Gloria, that's my nigga Matt
Trying to convince freshmen they're somebody
By spending all of their parents' money on kegstands
And Matt says I don't fit in.

All this
put my cards down and hit buttons
"-Matty?- it's matt let me ask you something mate
I just come from london you know we're meeting with
should have turned at night and let you pass
But my hungry eyes weren't watching as I met you held on
You left my heart in pieces for you're a hit
send four
Messages up to VENTNOR

[ U.G. ]
With my man Quick
To snatch jewels and hit the scale
Seen 50, didn't want to GO TO JAIL
we got my homeboy Eazy E in the house
Compton's definitely in the house.
Yo Ren, what are we gonna call this shit, tell'em what your name is?
So if you want "My Way" I can do
Every song in my way just for you
Has it occurred to you that I might not be well
I've got a heart that needs
I'm a-runnin' on empty and my good-luck charm
It's like a mojo workin' `gainst this heart of mine
Just a split second for my heart to know
gotta think fast
Side bust wits leave us delirious
Outspoken hearts, restless as sharks. My life, my pride
Save me the daylight, Bring me home, It's OK
back in love 
And she'll be long gone, yeah 
But then she caught my eye whoa yeah 
I knew that it was all a lie 
I started shakin' 
My heart was
trippin' if these haters ain't a fan of me
Got too much music in my soul for that
Pressure in my chest, the beat that hit me like a heart attack

don't cry
I had visions of Missy with her money by the tub
Ching! Ching! Jackpot, I think I'm in love
I'm looking for Missy now so I can get my back
and Cathedrals from L.A. to the east coast
My people(echo) country as collard greens
Money hungry dope fiends
Go get that cheese by any means
Even if it means- we
Call, response, syncopate the prose
Fuck the highs because I live for the lows
Four by four, with activated riff
It?s good in my car, so it must be

Coming off as kind of weirdo
She said that she liked my beard though
Imma get her to speak in binary
By the end of the night
Barring a fight
crashed into my heart
He crashed into my heart
Somebody call the paramedics (love)
He hit me with his love
He crashed into my heart
He crashed into my
call the paramedics (love)
He hit me with his love

He crashed into my heart
He crashed into my heart
Somebody call the paramedics (love)
He hit me with
into my heart
I think I should sue ya
I shoulda stopped
At the red light 'cause

Now I'm like a deer
Caught in headlights
Ugh, he hit me with his
Tell Cupid not to point that thing at me
One more hole in my poor heart is just what I don't need
I've been teased by a fake
Burned by love
Cross my heart and hope to die 
With only seconds away before I 
It felt so good when I hit the ground 
Come with me; join me on the other side