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a lethal pout, hinting
(Felt the pressure)
Oh and I felt the pressure, tight and warm, softly striking
(Oh tripped and stumbled)
Oh I tripped
a lethal pout, hinting
(Felt the pressure)
Oh and I felt the pressure, tight and warm, softly striking
(Oh tripped and stumbled)
Oh I tripped
direct, no such thing as hinting
Kick the shit now quit your bitching
Now cut the shit, let's get to business
I try to show whats hidden
Try to paint
then you slip it on in

You slip it in [x2]

Alright! Hey! Hey!

You say you got a boyfriend
(Slip it in)
But you're hinting at my friends
Lucky at last
Defending answers
It's almost like
You're breaking my piñata while I'm hinting
At my lust for you

I'll ask my curious side to follow you
gotta notice it's a matter of time before the world fine out
The earth dry out and push the hinting to high ground, life style, hostile
Real, life real
on your mind?
If it's on your tongue, you should speak
It's true

She was spinning and
She was hinting at
And sweeping dust in and out of rooms
knew that my date came up
Knew it was God, mamma tried, but couldn't save him
And now we on our way up
Hinting that a prison break on the way,
you hinting at action
By just standing still
When he comes up to talk
Girl, then why do you kill

Whoa whoa whoa why, baby
Whoa whoa whoa what did
Exposure breeds discovery in the modern world
The 60's hairdos 90's eyes are just flashing lights
A touch of neon hinting class for the modern night
With bars of anger and a lock of rage
I can't help asking, "Who's got the key?"
When I know damned well, it's me

No, I ain't hinting for sympathy
metaphor five, six at a time and rhyme into the very last line of a soliloquy which finally said outright with a previous 77 rolling hinting at
He had puns
can hear it
You can hear it in your sleep lord

Hinting around I was waiting for an answer
God said to my soul my heart is beating faster
Live fast
Turn around and walk away
Because there's no more you and me, baby

Hinting, broken promises
Dodging, a shattered heart
Lying, straight to my
hinting glare 
Is running up the stairs
Slamming into walls when I meet you there
See you pull me in 
Then you push away
Grabbing at my body while I set
the first day
You were hinting but I couldn't see meant too much to me
I'm obsessing turn off the brain and lock out the pain
I'm struggling trying to get
Back into a Relinquished Parlour Game;
Wisps of Ghostly Languor hinting faintly of Perique
Ring the Ancyent Air and Fade,
Murmuring of Things
a good drinker 

I've been hinting 
For a long long time 
You'll never make it, 
This is the end 
You're not that social, 
Just a good drinker
and embrace
Hinting at our childish sides
In unison and out of place

I've got these addictive tendencies
I've got these depending needs
I've been looking
Tryna balance it at once but keep hitting these blunts
Demons of lust, keep hinting they stunts when I'm drunk
What if I jumped off this cloud full
with hinting
At your last hope.
Roll your eyes and run.
The world will poke them out.
This is the easy way.
An empty look at a sober tear has put
She invites me to a closet, the night glows in her eyes
And I know now what she wanted, she'd been hinting it all this time
And I don't mean to scare
I remember as the seasons turned to fall 
Wind was sitting and the leaves fell a hinting a sign of the near winter's ball 
Chill in the air as I
Innocence is scorched
Summer leaves its brand

Bat away a hurricane's eyelash
Ushering by the season past
Hinting, dapples pinching through my sleeve

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