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Judgment will be passed upon you
I will stand up for who we are
Never moved by condemnation
No one is placed higher than another
No matter race or creed
will be passed upon you I will stand up for who I am never moved
By condemnation no one is placed higher than another no matter race
Or creed or gender
People divided by color or creed
Won't unite to fight the powers supreme
Division & hypocrisy the governmental seed
Freedom has a price, no,
It's the return of the assassin
I believe in the creed of the greedier
Bash in your skull with guns, I'm deceiving the media
Look at the web
burning bright
We're headed for higher ground

So remember the creed, remember the cry
Remember the ancient way
And we'll be the ones dug in with the hounds
And ahh... the secret of the hidden temple is that ahh
You gotta listen, as I run it down the business

The jungle creed, is that the strongest
revisiting how you used to love it
A nigga spew through the music, acoustics, cool kid
Used to pursue excuses, truth is, I was truent in school
So its
you can't hear the silence
Even when it's there. Like the wind seen from the window,
Seeing it but not being touched by it.

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