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price, I'm certainly a heist
For your ice and curtains and vice
Come quietly, Wu-Tang Clan rules society
Because of variety, so maintain your high
before the FBI figure me
Forty stories up, inside a high rise in Italy
No hidden forces, only natural courses deliver me
Gray hairs from the great
of exertion, inertia defined
That's the savage that was perfectly nurtured in time
I put pacifists in caskets, my version of crime
I'm an assassin and my
of Shadowboxin'!}

[Chorus x2: Popa Chief]
Do or die, ball or fly
Lintballz always hangin' around tryin' to get high
But fuck sittin' around waitin' on a hook up
Intro: scratches by DJ Mighty Mi
"Shady! That's me!" -> Eminem
"High and Mighty Trilogy" -> Mr. Eon
"Back with the flyest material" -> Erick
chuckle path- dispatch trouble.
I've never seen the water so high in my poison life. Social conduct, 20 pace, about face, self destruct. I know the key
I'm jerkin' off, ripped on hash hits
Beepin' twats, lick clits, and flash tits
I got a wide variety
Of high society whores like Rosanna Arquette
the convertable shift
Candy paint thong version with the iced out chip
Yokahama tires, whodee, but I only got 3
No Limit Boys we thuggin I get a high for next week!

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