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to take ova s***
This here is not a game
This here is our lives
We canâ??t f*** this up
We gotta get it right
If you wit us n you ready for war den
their money
You just stay right here, sit tight

And we could buy a pitbull
And name him after harry
We could be famous
And then we'll get married
me the oppurtunity to spit on this shit

When it comes to these hoes
Y'all know we on some halloween shit
Start trickin' n
[Chorus: x2 Pitbull]
Green means go
Yellow means slow
Red means stop
Now drop now roll
Girl you got a ass
Stopping traffic like a red [Repeat
a good time in the belly of the beast.
We sing

Welly-Oh Welly-Oh here we go.
We got a bite like a pit-bull yeah we don't let go.
Welly-Oh Welly-Oh
This is my mother fucking house, eh I'm by the front door
Here about a blond haired bitch name Sisco
She'll do anything for daddy man the bitch go
tell ya friends we can head to the mall. (Take Off)
You know I got a pill, here it is. (Take Off)
No reason keepin on all your clothes. (Take Off)
to enjoy a freedom that can not be rearranged by fear. To let nothing stand in the way of the freedom of those who chose to live here so today is 1980 again
a gangster ass DJ named Evil E
My record label's called Warner be	
William Morris is my agency
I'll never go broke, I got property
Got a dope pitbull named
like I took off. 
And when I ride by, it's like I fly by. 
You like a slow motion. 
All in 3-D. 
'cause everywhere I go, they by like "there he go
We don't care about shit
accept getting rich

[Verse 1 (Pitbull)]
Now that Little Jon has opened the door
It's over dawg
This that new south
Let me start by telling you I love you wit all my heart
But I cant understand the reason
Girl you and me were supposed to be for ever and ever
(Two Of Dem) 
A Big Profit In That Greenery 
We Not Stoppin By The Beach Just For Scenery 
When Here It's 45, Up Here It's 65 
Meet U In Carolina
by like "there he go" 
I fit the description, 
Black Tee an dickies, big glock wit me, 
Real Dade County Nigga! 
It's that little chico Pitbull
We gon take it from the bottom (M-I-A-M-I to Houston!!) 
H-town! Pitbull, Bun B.. 
My dogg Demi, keep ya head up, I gotchu, I promise! 
All my
Yeah, what, yeah
Here we go

To inhaling crushed bones through a dried up white-out pen
And riding the backwards racer in hot June rain
doing that
That's right motherfucker
Let's ride

We're getting some classic shit right now
Let's go
and we like it that way
You can't fade-ER, or compare TO
The Original Pyscho-Baiter 
Got the next rhyme and we'll check you all later 
Can't nobody
prety woman here
Pretty woman there many woman many woman any woman anywhere
Guess what I known for, T-O-K and Pitbull
What else can you ask for,
what nigga, YO!
That's all it takes and it's like, HERE WE GO!

Thorough type niggaz that control the streets
Rollin deep, holdin' heat, don't even
This year we iller than a nun in a cumshot
Getting’ double penetrated in a dope spot
By two hard pipe hittin’ Niggas
On the orders of Marcellus
Yea we gon' take it from the bottom to the windy city
Miami's finest, Chi Town's finest
Pitbull, Twista
And we want all the women to...
Yeah we goin' take it from the bottom to the windy city
Miami's finest, Chi Town's finest
Pitbull, Twista
And we want all the women to

{DJ Q Bert scratches "right  now here we go"} 

[Dr. Octagon] 

A lot of rappers are wack  they cold booty from the buttcrack 

Stay in the house that's the sound of the gangs, clef
By the time we figured out what happened
I was in an ambulance tellin' my cousin keep

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