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would Bob do?

I was knocking on the pearly gates, made of precious stone
Looked kind of other worldly, inside there was a throne
I was let in by
child to pick up some instrument
'Cause if you're mad at your dad or mum, you can grab it and strum
Eat your cabbage and corn, by the time you're done
Girl, this rubbled mess was caused by my neglect.
Of course, I'll pay and by the way, my dear,
Here comes Bob!
I ain't subtle in my ways of making
love the sex, again I said
Here it comes from Run (yo Jay) 'Yo D!' HOE BOB YA HEAD

"Ruff, ruff an' rugged we comin'"
Ah just a bob ya head		
Bob ya
(Rob Crosby/Charlie Craig/Steve Wilkinson)

Me, sitting here by myself
Wondering what I can do
Now that I don't have to you
And me, trying
keep it in motion
Come around here with your rollie you can get robbed like Ocean
Lord knows, Tommy had loved and sold
Helicopters, Rolls Royces with
from here?

No, ah.. which one is it?

(burp) excuse me. It's the one by the airport... you know... cause we gotta get up early an'.. fly outta here in
Olympic heavyweight wrestling champion,
Here he is, just a shadow of his former self, wasted in health, ravaged by sin.
Oh give us your testimony, dear
fear that my Bob's in a terrible place
Maybe you'll find him inside of this vase
Maybe a lion is eating his face?
Oh, bad things are bad

Maybe your
By Bob Hartman
Based on Rom. 13:11

One moment gone into the past
But here and now will never last
You made the most of your design
You've walked
flapped long ears and didn't brush up by day
Got his long ears whittled and his old hid scorched in a most artistic way
Now one fine day old Sandy Bob he
Words and music by bob seger

There's the neon sky that I know so well

There's the smoky room where I chose to dwell

Though I hear your heart many
Written by bob welch.

Now the wind
That's blowing out of the southwest
Is telling me, boy you better beware
Here she comes, and they call her
time we come around
Put your hand up, down
Every time we come around

You know I got that check on me, you know I got that 9 on me
Play with it or get
Here she comes like a Queen all through the wintertime
Skirts that billow long after she's gone
Yes I could smell her smell on the pillow late
Can anybody here pass me a beer
And I'ma keep playing this music that you hear
And if you know the song
Then come and sing along with me

gonna bash
We gonna roll, we gonna smash
We gonna break, we gonna bash
We gonna roll, we gonna smash

Here we go yo
Hit a nigga kill a nigga will come
Hit a nigga kill a nigga will come back
See a sucker stretch a sucker guard your naps
Cussing wasn't nothing til a black man rapped
See a forty suck
name was Paulie Ann yeah that was his good woman
John Henry threw his hammer over his shoulder and went on home
Early next mornin' he said,
"Come here
listen, ah, do you know how...
Do you know how to get to the chateau mormon from here?
Not it by the, by the airport?
No no, we don't, we have
have to get a hold of you
You're lucky to find a few in your lifetime
Thank God for lifelines

These days I come home every Sunday afternoon
Mama always
Johnny Henry's pappy woke him up one midnight
He said "Before the sheriff comes I wanna tell you," Said "Listen boy
Learn to hoist a jack and learn
Johnny Henry's pappy woke him up one midnight
He said "Before the sheriff comes I wanna tell you," Said "Listen boy
Learn to hoist a jack and learn
in on the outside left
With a chain flying round his head;
And Harold Demure, from Art Literature,
Nips up the nearest tree.
(Here come
Ain't this the dude that said that it ain't about the price tag
Now on your records all that you do is brag
Come on Bob, I thought you was better than

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