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Please stand by
We're coming to you live
'Cause we got news
Hot news
Flash news
Trash news
Funny news
Stupid news
Comprehensive overviews

It's a choice to just react
I'm gonna learn that lesson
For the rest of my life
Going through hell
No, I won't look back

But if you want
looking for a star or celebrity to sponsor our new line of trolls dolls, in our new series of commericials. So thanks for coming. 
Let's just start
a axe couldn't hack it
I spark em like a match (ssskt)
Coming back it's the met-chod, say it loud
I'm the met-chod, man - clap yo' hands, now check it
super fly

Uh, I don’t need no cake
Coming in high just to beat yo grace
Wait, everybody sound so reckless
King me, these niggas playin checkers
you're my hero, and I know you're coming back for me

Follow the steps bro, Adam sinned now we all dead so We gotta sentence on our head like death row,

We don't care what you say. Fuck you!

Tell your friends we're really sick,
Lie on your backs an' coming in trick
This you should know cause
whatever I do, will get me up in prison
Never see me on the corner, never caught me with crack
Got a dream of leaving the ghetto and ain't coming back
like a beautiful crime scene, in fact it’s a
Spectacular Halle Berry, Vivica massacre
Left behind by a serial bachelor
Fall back, y’all, I really
my pocket for the payback
The change augmented by the government to nothing
The change of a whirlwind unraveling the coming of that next shit
think it?s fate
And so she?s late? He?s gone out the gate
He ain?t coming back, his heart is black
The game is on; he?s got another fool for lovin
of the carousel
A black parade of circus freaks, and led by Mister Dark,
Scours every street for the boys to drag them down to hell

The boys have seen too much

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