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the tide was rollin' in
I was drownin' in a sea of romance
Then she popped the question in the back seat of my car
"If I let you love me would you let me
So high but no chance

My little chemical romance left a bad taste in my mouth
But I approached her like hey Mercedes why the long face
I can change your mind
Soon as you walk out my door
I'm gonna call a hundred times

Now I walk under a pink sky
Lovers for long and pass me by
beyond deep 
I got a chemical romance, two left feet 
So now I dance with the devil please G.O.D. 
Save me from the black parade, release me 
My life
Foggin?up my senses 
You're making me sensless 
You're calling it sexual. 

And you're going to get yours, my lady. 
Might even be today.
Walk away clown boy, vanish
Feelin' outlandish, chemicals soaked in my cabbage
Face numb, face off rap shit, straight no chasing that dragon
of that bold (bold),
New (new) breed (breeding)
That extinguishes itself
By markings which resemble a
Wide tie
Directly below the
White collar

If it's