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("Heavy heavy heavy heavy"}
Can't lift it up
Dilla Dawg, Madlib 'bout to pick it up

Get it up, smoke with me weed mayne
How them greens layin, twist
And you're frantic all by yourself

Night-time is when the things get heavy
You feel alone and you want somebody
Loneliness whispers desperate
conjure in my mind
(Yellow and green, green pea green, cherry red and red and blue)
Just yesterday I was woken by a flashing of a
Light from my studio
the daylight
Like what happen in America
The breasts are still heavy
The legs long and straight
The upper lip remains short
The teeth are too small
The eyeside
Through the gardens and fields ‘neath the tall green grass
You were walking ‘neath the moon while covering your tracks
Working your fingers down
My sweet tumbleweed
I need more quiet times
By a river flowing
You and me
Deep kisses
And the sun going down

Maybe it's paranoia
Maybe it's
the only time you should catch.. (Heavy Mental) 

only time, you could have 

jet lag is if your cassette drag.. (Heavy Mental) 

rock a by ? (Heavy
to live the way you want me to live by the green
I am not going to breathe the air you're going to breathe
'Cause it's contaminated

I don't want
Touch ticking in the torchlight
Flicking like a firefight in my mind
Stuck standing in the crosswalk
Heavy like dump trucks in my mind
Mess careful
knees on rice
And a prayer for the prey
My face is heavy
My mind is clenched
My eyes are disgusted
My hands are hot
My walls are green
My walls are red
I am a little beggarman and begging I have been
For three score or more in this little isle of green
I'm known from the Liffey down to Segue
And I'm
Here struck between this heaven blue 
This emerald green 
Life takes on so easy 
And here our eyes shine bright 
And our smiles are free
his latest flame) 

The last night of the fair 
By the big wheel generator 
A boy is stabbed 
His money is grabbed 
And the air hangs heavy like
She might be wearing a green chemise
And a hat that she bought 'cause it matches her jeans
And the water she drinks well it comes from a stream
let me be

Let me be in the skylark and the stream
In the meadow rich and green
Let me lay by your side
Let me be in the whisper in the trees
green the grass
So tell gravity to kiss my ass
I just got high

So when everything
Seems a heavy thing
And gravity is all around
Little by
I am a little beggarman and begging I have been
For three score or more in this little isle of green
I'm known from the Liffey down to Segue
And I'm
It's heavy lighting

To all you non carpoolin' fuel burners in my town
We're not headed for a ice age, we're headed for a meltdown
me by the thunder. (thunder)
The trumpet sounds way down in my sanctified soul.
I haven't got long to stay here.

Green trees are bending. (are
green grass is green
Our green grass is brown.

Shots rang my phone wasn't touch tone
A heavy beef in the street
ET had to flee

Grey heavens! good
There's the Reds and there's the Greens
Super slicks and has beens,
They're accompanied by three men dressed in black,
One's a whistle, two are
Telling you how music's supposed to be
Cos it's a game played by those who love celebrity
And that's not what music supposed to be
Al Green, Sam Cook
x 2]

(How ya livin Biggie Smalls?) I'm surrounded by criminals
Heavy rollers even the sheisty individuals
Smokin skunk and mad Phillies
I excel with high fidel, like an
Amp, made by kenwood
Droppin' bombs, wreck these comps
Like only a man could
Mc troll stay so small, flair go stare
I spent a week drinking the sunlight of Winnetka, California
Where they understand the weight of human hearts
You see, sorrow gets too heavy

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