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be over
Any day there's nothing new
And now I just try to find some hope
To try and hold onto
And it starts again
It'll never end

I'm heavily broken
a swan song, swan song
Swan dive
Yeah, it's a new life

Tread heavily around you
Tread heavily around me
Tread heavily
Tread heavily around me

Ball 'til you fall
Don't let 'em monitor your millions, get 'em all
Gotta stay hands on, heavily involved
Try to handle your business and stay
on me, I got it
Then wake up, I got it
Think heavily and I got it
Got this body on lock and we can take it there
Anything that you'd think off, I got it,
My heart is beating
heavily just like drums so

Hey Boy 冷めた視線
その手には乗らないよ 甘くない
My Heart ダイヤよりも硬くて
OH! GOD!But fallin' in your love
涙が こぼれるくらい
the fuse
I'm coming for you, baby
I got to stand and fight
I'm locked and loaded now
I'm heavily armed
I got an angel on each arm
I got that, an angel
fuckin' with you heavily
Your energy is heavenly
Don't spend a second trippin' on my enemies
'Cause they envy me and my energy
You know what I'm focused
on my energy
I'm letting go of it
She wants it

And I run from wolves, ooh
Breathing heavily
At my feet
And I run from wolves, ooh
Tearing into me
and got four heavily armed
Outlawz did that (split they ass) heavily gone
So we ride with the left of us, best of us
Plus we wake up with our TEC on us
'em know
(WHAT?!) It's our TIIIIME now..

I like my blunts heavily hashed, bitches heavily assed
Joints ready to stash, got 'em ready
the trouble,
Every man I see, that's the trouble.
Taking every little thing so heavily,
That's the trouble if you wanna' let you be,
That's the trouble if you
falling down
Yes I'm
Learning, learning from falling
I'm learning from falling
Down heavily

This immortal span
Of every mortal man
Not of the world, not of this life
Broken bones and bleedin' heavily
Behind the lines I'm not
Worth the time it takes to stop
The hungry dogs that
heavily we choke then we die

Die, die, die, die

Die, die, die, die

Life feels like hell should
This hell's so cold
Pull another knife out
Stick it with
trying to thaw out whatever I know
The thermostat it won't go higher not that you or I know

And I was drinking heavily
I burst into your bedroom
and veggie bacon, neva the yella yokle
I need my protein, I don't do no lean
But this Cali Chronic might be stronger than codeine
Everyday I'm gettin' heavily
Yeah (you know)
Ah, had to sip that lemon water, you know
Talk my shit heavily (yeah, heavily, man)
Lotta shit changed in the past few years, you
that you've lived for is gone
Heavily armed
Stay ready for anything
I don't believe the innocent night or day
I'm at the mercy of all I say
I don't give
a motherfuckin' massacre
Take your ball sack and pull it
Like a bone tap crushing through your scalp
Fall into submission heavily

God can't help you now
apache Queensbridge corner athlete
at 6-1 170 plus
Hennyed up walk around like I could never be touched
the whole clique be heavily truck
peep the style
can leave the lights behind us... But they're calling to come back... I want to 
come back... (These memories that wake breathing heavily like
gorgeous green eyes smiling
And I'm going straight to Hell

All the possibility and promise just
Weighs on me so heavily
And I

Try, but I'm not
to dance
Are you working up a master plan
Here I am
And I'm waitin' on a fine romance, hmm
If you got your eyes on me
Keep it rollin' heavily, yeah
Hate consumes me I search for release
Time is the only answer

My conscience weighs so heavily
On my soul, so heavily

I will continue alone

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