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to see,
We'll ride on a moonbeam, and never pass one by,
We're gonna take our journey, Adam and I.

When we reach the land of the setting sun,
Broken up on a road that felt like freedom
A rebel headed anywhere but home
Adam's fall repeated in a moment
Kept it at the edge of Eden's door

Adams, dear Mr. Adams
I've been presented with a new son by the noble stork
So I am going to celebrate and pop the cork
With all the Livingstons
the play of life

Tragedienne of heavens
Watching the eyes of the night
Sailing the virgin oceans
A Planetride for Mother and Child

Floating upon
of fuzz 
Nobody knew Bryan Adams wasn't cool 
The TV just told me he was 

Always heard the sound get me out of this town 
Resonating clear on my head
of fuzz 
Nobody knew Bryan Adams wasn't cool 
The TV just told me he was 

Always heard the sound get me out of this town 
Resonating clear on my head
I believe Elijah never died
Called fire from heaven
On a mountainside

Its been passed down through ages of time
Written by hands of men
I believe
In six days and a rest
God is good
I do confess
I believe
In Adam and Eve
In a tree and a garden
In a snake and a thief

I believe, I
multiply- tear Heaven down...
With a Serpent's kiss, with a Serpent's kiss..."
[The Serpent to Eve (in turn, Eve to Adam):]
"Black superstition, denied by
The gates of Heaven must be open
I think I saw an angel just walk by
Hey, the gates of heaven must be open
I think I saw an angel just walk by

of Heaven
Lookin' for a little bit of Heaven. Heaven
All lyrics by Mike Muir
Infectious Grooves are: GROOVE FAMILY CYCO:
Mike Muir - Vocals Pa
spawned by the virgin whore
On his knees as the heavens crumble and fall
The reeking seed of Adam forever cursed
Now erased as creation has been reversed
Eve and Adam's only child
Body that goes on for miles
Heaven only knows that real
Can be better than the fantasy
And her eyes shouldn't have

"The land was corrupt before God,
and the land was filled with violence"

"Father thou art in heaven
Thy kingdom cried hallow
a ribbone to be side by side hand in hand not lesser then
Not greater then but just what heaven planned
Yes you see I am the rib

Many fields have I
make a way
And by His blood He'll win us

Son of Adam, Son of Heaven
Given as a ransom
Reconciling God and man
Christ, the mighty champion

wherein is the breathe of life,
from under heaven, and every thing that is in the
Land shall die...and I shall wipe away
the world I created upon
Just copped a maroon 5, no Adam Levine
Came a man by myself, only father was time
I know that she relate baby daddy ain't shit
So she raised that
into battle with the Lord
I was taught by Adam but I blame it on Eve
Walking into battle with the Lord

All my words in kindness came
Your souls in
Written by Al Hodge, Leslie Duncan & Tony Cox

They set the wheels in motion Adam and Eve
The beginning of romance
He was a lonely man I do believe
the lions let go
E is for Elijah, up to heaven he went
F for the furnace where Shadrach was sent
G for Goliath, by a boy he was slain
H is for Hannah who
As they gather at the funeral wake
To speak of good times gone by
The deceased soul learns some more
Revealed reality, the flames of unrest
we've come to?
What does it take to follow through?
Who is it making you move?

Heavens to murgatroyd
The situations purgatory
Brer Rabbit's stories
The truth about the cross, and the cross's history
The cross was created by the Roman government
It's only purpose and use, is cap-I-tal punishment
I'll be Adam, you'll be Eve 
We'll fuck and so create 

I'm being strangled by his statue 
If only his cold eyes could weep for these things

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